Ringdrive Intrepid



After over two years spent rusting in mothballs, Starfleet Command finally gave the go-ahead for the USS Intrepid to be completed and commissioned.

A variant of the Constitution Class heavy cruiser, utilising Vulcan "ringdrive" technology instead of the standard dual-nacelle design in an attempt to gain more speed from a standard Constitution hull. The Intrepid is the first Stafleet vessel to use ringdrive since the Declaration Class which predates the NX Project.

The model uses Anduril's TOS Connie hardpoint, and you will need her installed already in order to use the soundpack that came with it.

I should have a new version out soon with an improved mesh, thanks to Atolm!



--TOS Ringdrive Intrepid 1.0--

Era: TOS	
Nationality: Federation
Type: Hybrid Ringdrive Constitution Class Variant

Hardpointed model made by Atolm using Anduril's TOS Connie hardpoint.

Anduril's TOS Connie for the sounds

--Install Instructions--
Extract to Main BC folder, overwrite if asked; use BCSMC (or BCMP, though who does these days?) to activate it in-game.

--CWS 2.0 Recommendations--
If you're lucky enough to have BCS: TNG's brilliant Change Warp Speed 2.0 mod, I recommend setting up as follows:

MaxWarp: 7.0
CruiseWarp: 6.0

Design, textures, and mesh: Atolm/Azel
Texture tweaks and edits/corrections: Atheorhaven
Lightmaps: Tus
Hardpoint: Red_Machine

--Legal Stuff--
If you want to use this ship for other mods, or to improve on it, please contact me before releasing at:


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