Romulan Firehawk

The Firehawk is perhaps one of the most stunning romulan ships I have ever seen, which is one of the reasons I decided to do it. It comes in...


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The Firehawk is perhaps one of the most stunning romulan ships I have ever seen, which is one of the reasons I decided to do it. It comes in 2 versions, one that will keep you on the edge of your steat with the latest version of Dreamyards 1701-B, and the other will bring it up to Mondern level specs for a medium Cruiser. At just a hair over 2000 poly and only 2 textures, this ship is sure to perform well in any system capable of running stock ships. The ship features a multitude of beam weapons in addition to the alternating pulse cannons on the side of the nose as seen in "The Defector" TNG. In battle (the original) it is fairly manuverable, and is a very close match for the Enterprise B. The engines are based on a galor class, slightly toned down, so you will have the extremely close passes that you usualy encounter with the galor. I had several of these in my test games, where I was literaly firing point black with the bow torpedo hitting this thing in less than a second, and phaser glow filling the whole screen. The battles with this are amazing, so get your's today!

The modern version is a medium support ship, so compared to a Galaxy it isn't that heavily sheiled, but it's even more manuverable fires more pulse cannons and more-powerful torpedoes.

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Download 'firehawk1.0.rar' (1.87MB)

Starforce Productions Presents Firehawk Heavy Cruiser

Enterprise-B Era Heavy cruiser
Modern version Romulan Medium support ship

Textures: 2X 512*512 tga (low res voodoo included in low res folder)
Ingame Length: 365 meters

Credits (For Bridge Commander-See original readme for Mesh info)
Conversion and HP-Starforce2
Additional Tweaking-Mayhem
Icons-USS Carter
Uses Lauralins Romulan MarkX torpedo.

Armament: (1701-B era)
9 Disruptor beams
Arrangement: 2 fore, 2 port, 2 star, 1 aft, 2 dorsal-700-650 damage
2 alternating foreward pulse cannon-50 damage each
Fore and aft torpedo, 3 and 2 load respectivley, 40 second reload.
Cloaking Device-Yes
Tractor beams-none
Shield output 7000-8000 8-9 recharge

Changes For Modern Cruiser Version
Increased Pulse capacity and recharge (5/.3 instead of 3/.2)
Increased beam damage 750-850
Increashed shields 8500-9000 11-10 recharge
Increased manuvering and acceleration performance
Increased hull strength and system hitpoints (on weapons, engines)

This ship Turns, rolls and manuvers very well, and will pound you from every direction 
with a varity of weaponry. The battle will get uplcose and personal, as near collsions mean point blank
hit. Use your manuvering to eavde torpedos. When This ship is your enemy, tractor beam useage is essential,
as are making torpedo's count. Keep it's bow pointed away from you. The shield generator is above the shuttlebay
pod and is realatively easy to get if you go for the lower shield.

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