Romulan Griffin (revamped)



This is a revamp of The Romulan Griffin Class, done by marmOSets in (early 2002) it is a nice flying ship, it is Basically a vessel that is small, along the line of an escort vessel, not that strong in a fire fight, as you can see from the pictures not a bad detailed ship.

thanks goto Mleo and also to Starforce2

I think this maybe from aramada (correct me if I'm wrong)



re-showing The Romulan Griffin Class by  marmOSets first done in 2002
this is Now setup, to use the Newer version of Foundation (which we use now)
When The Romulan Griffin first came out it did not have the foundation we use Now
redo by  TiqHud  (tiqhud AT gmail DOT com)If have any trouble email me PLEASE

The Romulan Griffin Class:
It's one of the lesser-known ships of the Romulan Empire.

Weapons:        : 2 forward Disruptor Cannons, 2 aft Disruptor Cannons and one forward torpedo 		tube.

- The Marmoset

to Install:
just unzip into a Temp folder and move into your main Bridge Commander folder , if asked to over write click OK

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