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Here is the Romulan Light Cruiser, this ship may be able to take on Light Cruisers from the TNG period and also against the more heavier cru...


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Here is the Romulan Light Cruiser, this ship may be able to take on Light Cruisers from the TNG period and also against the more heavier cruisers from the TMP Period, though this will struggle against anything more powerful.

This ship struggled against p81's Miranda, and Queball's Sabre class, although i tested these with two Ai ships (while cloaked). The Ship is detailed although there is one point that i should mention is that it has phasers rather than distruptors, though that would be a minor nitpick since this mod has been very well hardpointed.

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Download 'kf5rv33.ace' (942KB)

UPDATED: Lord_Malak (6-18-05)

I'd like to dedicate this model Zambie Zam for his critizism and encouragment for making me learn how to properly hardpoint and edit scripts. When I started this overhaul project all I intended to do was add the proper weapons from other already existing ships, but with Zambie's critisms I realized this model tho pretty was poorly setup from the original builder. Being almost 30% larger than the Bird of prey, it had the same maneuverability as the BOP and the shielding almost 50% more than the Klingon D7 among other things. Myself being a long time player of StarFleet Battles (the board game that Starfleet command is based on) for over 20 years I felt compelled to fix the innaccuracies I found on the original model to reflect a true image of one of my most favored ships from SFC. This was originally a 1 day mod that has turned into over a month of work that I'm very proud of. I used data from SFB, SFC and Durandals conversions charts to set this ship up for play. I've included 2 hardpoint scripts, 1 for ship with nav lights (NanoFX2 is required) and 1 without the marker lights. Both are in the scripts/ships/hardpoints directory and the one without the lights is named "noblnkf5r". By default the blinker hardpoint will be installed but if you need the one without lights just delete the and rename the nblnkf5r to '' in the hardpoints directory.

Needs: I HIGHLY recommend Defiants powercurrent mod, and/or hull plating mods but not required. Also recommended but not required is NanoFX 2.0 to make the navigation lights work.
If you want to launch shuttles install the Tech Framework (i'm using 1.1) from BCFiles
Use Romulan shuttle by MR.JOHN- (included but NOT installed).

I've done everything to make this ship playable without any mods installed but also take advantage of some mods most folks have installed for other ships. The weapons, scripts, and sound don't need anything else to work properly but the shuttles and lights do. If there's anything I forgot I can be reached thry Bridgecommander universe... look for Lord_MalaK. This has been posted on BCU for 6 weeks for beta testing and NO bug reports have been submitted so I can assume that it's works as perfectly for the testers as it did for me.

2 Type "F" Plasma torpedos (forward arc)**included is a pseudo torpedo**
6 Type 1 Phasers (correct designation as of 2251) forward arc
4 low yield pulse disruptors (drone defense) rear arc

Total overhaul: Totally repainted and rehardpointed to StarfleetCommand specs for KF5R with StarFleetBattles options for authenticity.

Paint Scheme by: Thu11s from his Romulan Firehawk Heavy Cruiser(hand painted by me)

Original Plasma torpedo : (from Zambie Zan's "cricket") modified by me for proper yield, size, and color. Also thanks to edtheborg for the plasma torpedo stuff.
At Zambie Zam's request all markings to identify his stuff have been removed, but it's still his stuff. I just changed a few things to make it fit this model.
All torpedo textures and sounds are originally from Zambie Zam's Romulan pack but are slightly modified by me to keep them unique.
Special thanks to AoC|Jeedai Joe! and indirectly Durandal for their most excellent BC weapons and armaments charts.

INSTALL: Just unzip and drag the folders to your BC directory, then make a plugin from within BCMP, you'll need to update the TGL file as well. ENJOY.

original readme file left intact (below) from the k4frigate (from BCFiles) for credits not specifically listed above.

this is an enhanced version of the Stock Taldren KDD to depict a Heavy War destroyer or Light Cruiser.  Credits as on original.

credit for the idea for this ship goes to Khemarraa, aka Sandman aka Terrance Dunn-Roff, an old comrade from the D2.
We have funny ideas that maybe every so often a ship design ought to reflect what might actually happen LOL.  In other
words this isn't another scaled up Brel with a cool name and guns big enough to shoot fighters out of.

All textures were sharpened and some changes made to them.  All texture changes are my own work.  All mesh changes  
except for the Warp engines are my work.

uses standard KDD hardpoints.

I used Lord Delekhans component warp engine assembly and textures.  Thanks to LD
for making these available to all of us.

""""""""""""""" check Lord Delekhans site at  

As this is a rework of the Taldren ship, feel free to do any enhancements/changes.  If you keep the warp assemblies
please credit Lord Delekhan in any readme files.

JR Grant, aka Gow,  [email protected]  July 2002

...................... From Khemaraa Iron Hand aka Sandman, aka Terrance Roff .........................
Intended as a light cruiser replacement (replaces the stock klingin d-5 model (kcl))
for a better movie era ship.  Gow did a wonderfull job on this project, and it is our hope you enjoy flying here as much as we enjoyed creating here..

Most cordially
Terrance "Sandman" Roff

The two additional folders in the archice contain a plain wing without the pennet, (plain wing) and a set of high res textures for those of you with higher end vidio cards.

Bridge commander info:
Conversion and HP's: Starforce2
Weapons: Kvort weapons (modified...does not overwrite kvort installs)

4 main fwd firing pulse cannons
4 defensive cannons firing aft quarter arcs
2 warp shunted heavy bust disruptors (fwd firing from nacelles)

Disruptor beam properties have a alrge system radius so firing at the nacelles should damage them (since they use the nacelles as plasma accelerators to create the beams when not at warp). Defensive arc pulses are not as strong as fwd ones.

Also, if you look cloely you'll notice the cannons for the fwd arc a twin barrel, but one pulse is fired. This is because they're so close together you'd only see a single pulse anyways.

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