Romulan Venator Class

This is a wicked ship. It is the lesser known Warbird, offically the Warbird A.

A good addition to your collection, well worth a download


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This is a wicked ship. It is the lesser known Warbird, offically the Warbird A.

A good addition to your collection, well worth a download

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The Romulan Venator Class Warbird - marmOSets unlimited

Title		: Venator Class Warbird
Filename	:
Version		: 0.69 Beta (not tested in Multiplayer)
Date		: 4/25/2002
Author		: The Marmoset
Email           : [email protected] - Feel free to email anytime.
Credits		: Daniel B. Houghton (aka Dasher42) who made it possible for everyone to
		 use new Bridge Commander mods with the his 'Foundation Plugin System'!
		 The original creators of the model and textures.
		 Texture Tweaking done by VWMunky, and Hardpoint files and scripts by

Build Time      : 5 days

Description of the Mod File:

The Romulan Venator Class Warbird:
It's one of the lesser-known ships of the Romulan Empire - the Venator is the poor-man's Warbird. Officially the Romulan Warbird Type A, unlike the D'deridex (type B) which is the commonly seen one, the Venator Class is smaller, more maneuverable, and less expensive to produce.

The armament is similar to that of the Common D'deridex Class Warbird:

Hull rating    : 17.5
Weapons        : 2 forward Disruptor Cannons, one forward Disruptor Beam, 2 tractor beams, and 2	                 torpedo tubes, one forward and one aft.

- The Marmoset

Mod Specifications:

Mod		: Yes 
Hardpoint File  : Yes
Illumination	: Yes


1. The 'Foundation Plugin System' (get the latest version at

2. Enter this line into the CUSTOM.PY file:

import venator

NOTE: The file is included so if you have other ships imported, don't overwrite it with the contained file! And, it's case sensitive! Also, the file in which to write this line may vary depending on the version of 'Foundation' you have, so be advised - It may have to be written into the pluginscustomftb file.

Copyright and Distribution Permission(s):

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright
Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

If you use this model in any Bridge Commander project please include this file.
Also, please feel free to modify any of these files, but please give The Marmoset credit.

Have a great time playing, and feel free to e-mail The Marmoset at:
  [email protected]

This readme file is best viewed at a screen resolution of 800X600, 32 bit color.

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