Romulus Map - w/ Dockable Tal Shiar Base

Romulus Read Me.

Here it is - The Romulan Home World, with a Tal Shiar Starbase that you can dock with.

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Romulus Read Me.

Here it is - The Romulan Home World, with a Tal Shiar Starbase that you can dock with.

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1. Bridge Commander 1.1 with Foundation installed. 2. Laurelin's Tal Shiar Starbase on BC Files at:

I have included the updated hardpoint for docking here in this download for convenience. The Base itself is not in this download.

There are two maps here.

Romulus1 has the base and 5 Wardbirds as enemies. Good luck taking them out. (no docking) Romulus2 has the base and the 5 Warbirds set as friendly, with the base dockable. Graff has been disabled for obvious reasons

Upon installation you'll see 2 new Mutators in Quickbattle mode. 1. Helm Override 2. Romulus

Activate these to have the docking function in Romulus 2. As you may know from having used base already, it is quite nasty and a whole buncha fun.

A salute here to Laurlelin for the great harpoints on the base.

Thanks also to Jeff Watts, Jr. for help with the docking script. I was having some trouble getting Graff to not show up, lol. Looked kind of funny to have Graff at a Romulan Starbase. A lot of Jeff's scripts from our original single player system maps with docking are here as well.

These maps were inspired by one of the comments I read on BCFiles in the comments area of the base download. A BC Files Member named MilleauRekiir wrote this:

"I've altered the Romulus map in system pack 14 (+Banzai addons) to include this rather than the old Cardassian starbase. I've now got a realistic and powerful battle on my hands when I fight it."

That map was fun to make originally; now here is the new version.

Not long after that comment was written the dockable hardpoint was released, and this file here is the result of that.

Have some fun, as the Federation and it's allies (or maybe the Dominion) taking out the Tal Shiar OR as the Romulans defending Romulus against the invaders.

- Chris Jones, Confidential and Proprietary, Copyright 2001 by Totally Games/Ben Howard Creates TheGalaxy5(original map) static objects. Called by Romulus1 & when regions are created Created:09/17/00 Modified:10/04/01 - Tony Evans Modified:08/25/02 - Ben Howard (Banzai Zap) Modified:Sept. 2003 - Chris Jones (Warbirds added) Docking TalShiar base by Laurelin added Jan. 2004 by Chris Jones/Jeff Watts, Jr.

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Download 'romulusdock.exe' (1.66MB)

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