S4 pack

S4 pack By Adonis

nebula out


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S4 pack By Adonis

nebula out

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Download 's4pack.rar' (4.18MB)

By Adonis


Design, mesh, textures, icons and scripting: Adonis
Port: Starforce2
ATP1 by Apollo
Skinning and Damaging Tool bt MLeoDaalder
Foundation by Dasher42
SFX by Dragon

Short descriptions:

      S-4 Pirana medium figher:

The advantage of the S-4 over the other S Type craft is the long 15 year lifetime of the hull and easy maitanance. The Soar 4 Pirana is a twin seater 18m long craft. She has 12cm's of Ablative Armour, and Multivectral shielding like all other S Types, and has two Phaser banks, two high-rate-of-fire pulse phasers, and two micro-quantum turrets.

      Micro Quantum SB Seeker:

                 This torpedo is the Quantum SB Seeker's variant for small craft.
                 Specially designed as the torpedo weapon of the Vampire Class Heavy Fighter's MK1 variant! (Pre release stage for BC :( )



ATP1, MLeoDaalder's Skinning and Damaging Tool



The Texture's source PhotoShop document file for making extra variants :D


Install instructions:

Just Copy/Paste the data, scripts and sfx folders From this *.Zip file to your Root BC folder (usually C:\Program Files\Activison\Bridge Commander). Fire up BC and have phun :D


Known Bugs: None :)


Legal Crap :(((( (I think that all of ya can say this word-by-word awaiked in the middle of the night :twisted: ):

You need explicit permissions from the author(s) of this work for RE-DISTRIBUTION, FOR OTHER MODS, CONVERSIONS, ETC...
You Should NOT publish them withouth permissions from the author(s), withouth properly crediting them for their work...

Commercial use of this mod (selling it, placing it on a CD for sale, using it in any form of advertising etc.) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!!!!!

4 assistance visit the BCU forum: http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~bridgecommander/phpBB/index.php

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