Saffi to 7 of 9 Voice Over



This is a Voice over for Saffi to 7 of 9. This gives you the Following changes,

A Voice for:- Firing on a Friendly ship Damage Report Win or Lose Red Alert

This mod also has a few hidden Voices’ for your amusement.



this is a USS_RIVER_RAT_A mod.

This will give your XO the voice of 7of9.

BEFORE INSTALLING- i recommend that you go to SFX,BRIDGE,then CREW, and move 
the folder XO some were else. Other wise she might use her old voice some times.
Then to install read below.

to install put the folder (sfx) into the main bridge commander file.
(this is where you find data, sfx, script,ect...)

it will ask you questions just say yes.
(if you want youre old one back you should copy the files some where you can

this works good if your XO is 7of9.

there is no sounds or music in the back round that can be heard.

hints-  this will only work for quick battle! i dont know if she will 
say anything with her old voice because i deleted all of her voices 
before i put this in. but this does make her more wanted on the bridge
than the saffi girl.


If you fire on a freindly she is less anoying, but still...
Ask for a damage report and she will say "im undamaged"
If you win or lose she says "i want to play again.
go to red alert and she says "red alert"

bugs- none.

credit goes to me USS_RIVER_RAT_A.

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