Saffi To Kirk (voices)



This mod is very cool it takes most of the quickbattle statments for saffi and replaces them with sound files of kirk through out the series, this is definatley staying in my game.



This mod is designed to work with my "TMP Bridge Crew (V1.0)" mod. It replaces just about all of Saffi's lines with Kirk's voice in Quickbattle. 

Just for fun, I also modded the opening of Episode 1, Mission 1. Now Spock welcomes you aboard, and Picard introduces you to Kirk. I thought it would be pretty neat to see. 

I'm slowly working on the rest of the crew. I wanted to put them all into a version 2.0, but it's hard to find the right phrases. I'll start by sending in Kirk's. 

I also modded the quickbattle script to allow Kirk to introduce you to the simulator.

Installation: Backup originals! Copy & paste files into root BC.


All of the voice overs were taken from the movies & series.Thank you William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Patrick Stewart!

Everything else by 1Crash1990.

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