Scimitar HP upgrade

A hardpoint for the Scimitar that will turn her into a quasi-god ship. New sounds included.


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A hardpoint for the Scimitar that will turn her into a quasi-god ship. New sounds included.

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Download 'scimitar_upgrade.rar' (1.47MB)

- BCMP(for the Scimitar TGL)
- Bridge Commander(obviously)
- C2X Scimitar-class Reman Warbird installed

Delete the old file "rvvorath sound" in "scripts/Custom/Autoload" as well as the "scim.pyc" file in "scripts/ships/Hardpoints".

Now just copy and paste the "scripts" and "sfx" folders into the "Bridge Commander" folder and run the game.  The Scimitar-class Reman Warbird will now have 14 standard disruptor cannons, 4 advanced disruptor cannons, 8 large disruptor beams, and two photon/quantum torpedo turrets(all with correctly-positioned icons on the weapons display).  Note that the disruptor pulse sizes have been made larger so that they look better and closer to the ones from Star Trek: Nemesis, and that the torpedoes are extremely powerful, accurate, and fast; they won't miss you.  The AI is a little crappy but then again it always has been for this ship.  It's better to play as the Scimitar than to take it on in a strong ship like a Negh'Var or Refitted Galaxy-class.

This ship is now incredibly powerful and you'll need a small fleet to take it down; I took out eight Negh'Var-class destroyers(with hardpoint upgrades; 10 photon/polaron torpedo tubes, 9 disruptor cannons, and a bunch of disruptor beams each) easily with this ship in Quick Battle.

Tractor beams have also been added to the ship; these may need to have their damage values lowered significantly in the hardpoint file.  The mass of this vessel may also have to be lowered; find the mass of the Galaxy-class from its hardpoint file(your Galaxy hardpoint file) and multiply this by 7.56 and enter this new value as the Scimitar's mass.  Multiply this value by 1,500,000 to get a decent moment of inertia for the Scimitar as well, and enter this on the line "Scimitar.SetRotationalInertia("new value")".  The ship should now be in good shape.  If the tractors are too powerful, lower their damage values in the hardpoint file until they stop pulling so hard and fast; this ship was rebalanced with my custom starships so it is vastly different from most starships out there, as are my rebalanced ships.

The speed and maneuverability of the ship has also been cranked way up.

The shields are not as strong, but can still take an extreme beating before collapsing.

The TGL file in the folder, "Ship TGLs" goes into your BCMP "Ship TGLs" folder.  Update the TGLs after doing this to get the new Scimitar TGL to appear on the information screen during Quick Battle.

Three screenshots, each at 1280x1024x32 with 6X FSAA and 16X FSAF are included, two of which show the Scimitar's firing.

Have fun!  Post a reply to my download post if you have any problems at all with this download and I'll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks to C2Extreme for the superb Scimitar model.

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