Selfridge patch

Fixes some issues with the selfridge. See readme.


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Fixes some issues with the selfridge. See readme.

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Download 'sfp_slefridge_hardpoint.rar' (8KB)

Selfridge hardpoint for Nebula's Selfridge class

Credit is fairly  simple: 
Mistakes: Pheonix
Corrections: Starforce2

List of fixed fuckups:
Missing 2 aft pylon phasers added
Unequil aft pylon phaser firing pattern fixed
Phasers increased from 2 second burst to 4 seconds
All phaser system health increased to 1000 hit points
Main saucer phaser damage increased
Backup Impulse drives hitpoints increased
Foreward tube capacity increased from 2 to 3
Quantums are now the Primary torpedo
Incrased Core hp's
Increased maximum impulse speed and slightly increased angular accel.

Place the inclosed py file in scripts/ships/hardpoints and delete any releavant pyc's.

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