Senior Officers Abandon Script.



This is an 'adaptation' of Defiant's Abandon Ship mod. In this version the Bridge Crew gets deposited into a Type 9 shuttle. An intresting mod, But I would be worried if the Bridge Crew Abandoned ship? Without letting the rest of the Crew and Enlistedmen in on the deal? Oh Well, looks like the Captain is not the last one to go down with the ship. I feel a Court Martial coming on. :)

Admin Note: @ The Author- You might have noticed your 2.5MB Mod has shrunk to 212.63kb. The exccess MB's were the .bmp pics. Please show some consideration of the 56k downloader. Your mod submission had to be repacked in .zip format and the .bmp pics converted to .jpeg. Things like this causes delays in posting mods. Please take more care in the way you pack your mods in the Future. ~Blackrook32


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