Sentinel Class Retexture

This is a Re-texture for my Sentinel Class Ship that was ported to BC from ST:Legacy By Starforce2.


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This is a Re-texture for my Sentinel Class Ship that was ported to BC from ST:Legacy By Starforce2.;88274

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Download '' (4.73MB)


This mod will replace the textures for the Sentinel class

place folder in Bridge Commander Root Folder.

====SFP Sentinel Class Medium cruiser====

Model and textures: Longisland26 aka Coolguyli27
Covnersion and hp: Starforce2 (using elements from the CGsov)
Weapons: The CGsov. The quantum torpedo will not overwrite as it had to have it's size modified to fit the smaller vessel.


The Sentinal Class story begins in the early days of the Dominion War..StarFleet saw the need for a small but powerful 
Ship that could yield considerable damage to larger enemy Battle ships yet still be able to survive in a dog fight with
smaller attack ships.In a rush to get such a ship into service Starfleet used an early Conceptual Design of the 
Intrepid Class as the basis for the Sentinel Class. In addition to the Conceptual design forward weapons pods were added
that house powerful pulse phasers and Torpedo/Quantum launchers.The first ship in the class,U.S.S. Sentinel NX-80050,
was launched in the final months of the War.Instead of a traditional shake down cruise the Sentinel was put directly 
into service preforming small hit and run attacks on Dominion Instalations.With it's success the ship was put into service 
and played a vital roll in the final days of the war. In the Post War Starfleet,The Sentinel,along with her sister ships 
IMPETUOUS,ENDURANCE and REPULSE are part of a new first Response attack fleet and are helping guard the Federation during 
a most vulnirable time in history. 

e-mail Coolguyli25 AT aol DOT com

About the BC version:
Phasers are a defensive or strafing weapon, meant for passes, while the hard hitting torpedo systems and fwd pulse weaponry is meant for head on assults. Torpedoes work on dual fire.

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