Sentinel NX-99000

sentinel_nx99000.zip —


Type VII phaser system: total output - 45,000 TeraWatts4x pulse fire conmpact quantum torpedo tubes (2 fore, 2 aft)Defensive Systems:Modulating frequency shield system - total output 1,755,000 TeraJoulesModerate tritanium double-hull, 12 cm ablative armorLow-level structural integrity fieldWarp Cruise: 7.5Warp Max: 9.55 for 4 hoursRefit: Minor - 1 year, Major - 3 yearsType Names to Follow:Dakeen (NCC-99100)Calypso (NCC-99200)Khitomer (NCC-99330)Nefertiti (NCC-99450)Arbiter (NCC-1048-A)Commissioned: 2385Sentinel class ships are the backbone fleet of the frontier guard and border patrol stations. Their mandate is to enforce local territorial boundaries for the Federation and keep communications with our border planets secure. Modeled after the Defiant class that was so successful in the Dominion war, they are a smaller and more efficient version of those ships, with a very Spartan sense of construction. The Sentinel is not designed for prolonged duty assignments. Her maximum duty time out in the field is up to and including 45 days. Exceeding that limit places strains on both the warp core power system as well as the life support system.Departing from the more "traditional" Starfleet ship types, the Sentinel's warp core is placed not vertically, but at an angle. This allows for a much larger core, which in turn produces more power for the ship size, as well as increasing her range and warp speed. Unfortunately, this also places strains on the power matrix, which is prone to overload if not watched carefully. To counter this, Starfleet has reduced the power transfer rate to most systems during non-combat. A sizable increase in power consumption when at combat-readiness is normal, but prevents heavy power loading on more than two major systems at once.


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