Christmas Release by Starforce Productions. Proper review soon.


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Christmas Release by Starforce Productions. Proper review soon.

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====Starforce Productions Sentry Dreadnought====

Model and textures: p81
Kitbash: Mackie
Covnersion to BC/ Hp's: Starforce2

This Miranda was heavily upgraded. The aft shuttlebays removed and replaced with an excelcior impulse reactor and impulse drive. 4 warp nacelles make it one of the fastest ships in the fleet. In addition to the standard saucer phaserbanks, 6 megaphaser cannons were added, both fore and aft firing, along with 8 foreward torpedo tubes. This ship can break any blockade, crack any enemy base, and has the impulse and warp speed to escape from any surgical strike.

6 megaphaser cannons, fore and aft firing
8 single shot torpedo tubes (fwd)
6 banks of standard 2 turret phaserbanks

Low res textures available. Stay tunred for the "khalinabized" GAFY version (retexture), which includes a variant without the 6 phaser cannons.

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