SFP Challenger



Here is a Cool new model from Starforce Productions & L.C. Amaral. The Challenger Class as seen in the classic TNG episode "The Best of Both Worlds Pt.II" Now don't think this ship is cannon fodder, She's a fast Phaser Cruiser, highly manuverable. With excellent firng arcs and recharge rates. The Challenger can handel herself with contemporary ships of it's era. You will have a fighting chance with this beauty. I tested this ship in a Wolf: 359 senario, Against the C2X BOBW Borg Cube. She gave as good as she got! I like the debris dispersal of this Model. . .

So, get ready to rienact the Most talked about Battles of Trek!

Download ASAP!!



====Starforce Productions & LC Amaral Wolf359 Vessels====
Challenger class

Model and texture: LC amaral
Hardpoints: Starforce2
Torpedo: Dkealt (stats modified and renamed)
Beta-testing: Collective allaince and BCfiles staff

LC would also like  to thank SNS for help with galaxy style textures!

The Challenger class  is a faster phaser cruiser and patrol vessel. It's manuverable, with good phaser power and recharge. It has better shields  due to the larger  engeneering section under the dorsal nacelle  incorperating extra phaser  capacitors  and an oversizzed  shield  gneerator.  This vessel should be supported with a torpedo cruiser, similar  to the relationship between the Akira class and the Norway and Sabers.

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