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This class of modified Oberth Features high res GAFY? enhanced textures on parts from P81's Oberth Class vessels. This Oberth modification w...


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This class of modified Oberth Features high res GAFY? enhanced textures on parts from P81's Oberth Class vessels. This Oberth modification was design as Diplomatic vessel or courior vessel. The addition of a 3rd nacelle increased it's warp speed. The ship is, however, Lightly armed. It also is used for transporting dignitaries to functions within the federation, such as colonial cerimonies and such things.

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====Starforce Productions Clarke Courior ship====

Original model and texture: P81
Enhancements: GAFY?
Kitbashing: Scottish Andy
Conversion and HP: Starforce2

Armed with:
1 Torpedo (fwd cargo bay)
1 dual turret phaserbank
1 Single beam defensive phaser aft

Vessel history:
Clyde Fleet Shipyards
USS Clarke NCC-3701
Lewis and Clarke-class courier

Owner/Operator: United Federation of Planets/Starfleet.
Type: Courier/Diplomatic cruiser.
Availability: Widespread. In service from 2269
Production Run: 2269-2279

In an early phase of the New Technology engineering and materials breakthrough of the late 2260s, which lead to the modernisation of the entire Star Fleet from 2270 onwards, Starfleet Engineering's Research and Development (R&D) department designed and trialled three separate prototype spacecraft. These vessels, each specially tailored for a different specific role, were the very antitheses of Starfleet's usual "Class One Starships" which excelled at performing any task asked of them. In contrast, these new prototype vessels were specialist ships, better and/or more resource-effective than a starship at performing a particular task but totally unsuited to performing any other. As such, new parlance was introduced, and this type of ship became known as "Class Two Spacecraft".

The three vessels, launched in 2262, were specifically designed to fill the roles of a short-range convoy escort and spacelane patrol ship, a fast courier vessel, and a scientific investigation vessel. They were launched as the corvette USS Jester NX-600, the clipper USS Orca NX-601, and the science vessel USS Oberth NX-602 respectively.

Several years of trials and testing went into the shakedown voyages of these new designs and they acquitted themselves well, though their designs went through several modifications as more efficent layouts were discovered, and the Orca's design was further spit into two separate mission roles. However it wasn't until the advent of the two-day Klingon-Federation War of 2267, also known as the Organian Conflict, that prompted intense interest in the programmes from the Federation Council and Starfleet top brass.

While the Federation's Class One Starships held their own against the modernised Klingon fleet, Starfleet's stable of older ship classes were gutted. Scores of older Ambush-class destroyers and Baton Rouge- and Mann-class cruisers had been destroyed or wrecked, and the smaller border patrol and escort units had also suffered heavily. As a result, a crash contruction program was authorised to replace the war losses and fill out Starfleet's support ranks with modern vessels. The production run lasted ten years and produced over 480 vessels from 2269 to 2279, able as they were to be produced at civilian-rated shipyards to commercial specifications rather than Starfleet's more stringent requirements for their starships.

The Lewis & Clarke-class high-speed courier was the result of a splitting of the orginal Orca-class gunboat into two divergent design concepts. This half of this concept required the removal of the Orca's heavy weapons and the repositioning of her third nacelle to a more warp dynamic and fuel efficent position. The other half removed the Orca's third nacelle but retained its heavy weapons.

The Clarke-class high-speed courier, which replaces the Oberth's massive sensor pallet with a third nacelle, is often used to transport vital personnel through dangerous space on high priority missions. Since diplomatic crises often give rise to the need for these vessels, these ships are also referred to as "diplomatic cruisers" due to the frequencey of their use by the Federation's Diplomatic Corps. Due to the nature of their role, these ships are equipped with powerful and sophisticated communications equipment, plush VIP quarters, and several conference rooms for the use of ambassadors and diplomatic liasions. The shuttlebay at the bow contains a single Galileo type 7-person shutttle, and the two small cargo bays at the port and starboard edges of the saucer each contain a single work bee for the careful handling of precious or symbolic artifacts.

Notable ships include the USS DeGamma, which brough Ambassador Sarek and Klingon Captain Kang to Earth in 2270 during the "Romulan Cloaking Devices for Klingon Disruptors" scandal involving a prominent ex-starship captain and his Federation-based corporation; the USS Juan Martinez, involved in the talks between the United Worlds of the Kaldorni Systems and the Beystohn Amalgamated League of Planets over the disputed planet Yagra IV in the Epsilon Carinae system in 2274; the USS Kismet, which brought Dr. Leonard McCoy to the Alpha Centauri star system during the Guardian of Forever Crisis in 2284; and the USS Nixon, involved in securing diplomatic relations with the Kendan Planetary Confederation in 2294.


Ship Stats

Length: 115m
Beam:   103m
Height:  28.5m
Crew: 40 
Decks: 4
Shuttles: 1
Work Bees: 2

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