SFP Cormorant Battleship



The cormorant class battleship was the Romulan empires most powerfull battleship in active service at the time of the Enteprise B's launch. It's massive, curved and armored wings protect it's vital engines and other equipment. It has 4 nacelled giving it long range at high warp speed, enabling it to respond to boarder conflicts quickly. It is armed with an impressive packing of weapons, including a bank of 4 torpedo tubes, 4 heavy pulse cannon, and a fwd disruptor. It's protected from the rear fairly well, a torpedo launcher,2 medium and 1 heavy pulse cannon. It makes a great base assult ship. It's defensive arcs include another 12 disruptors, so this ship is going to make the enemy feel some pain just by itself. Add to it the escorting vessels it's almost gaurenteed to have in a large battle and you can kiss your new starbase goodbye. This class of ship would survive well past the TMP era, entering the Enterprise-C era as a dreadnought, replaced as battleship by the class C warbird, the King Condor, and Rivaled only by the B Warbird in the years between. At 480m, this ship was also larger than the federation excelcior class and it's refit. It was also just as fast. A single Excelcior is no match for this vessel.



====Starforce Productions Cormorant Battleship====

Model: Taldren, Thulls (engines)
Textures: ganymad, with elements from atrahasis, P81
Kitbashing: Qob'nuH, Klingonfanatic
Torpedo: Lauralins MrkX
Texture tweaks (green impulse): Cordanilus.
Conversion and HP: Starforce2

Ent-B Era Battleship


4x Heavy fwd cannons
2x Medium aft cannons
1x Heavy aft cannon
1x Fwd Heavy disruptor
16x Defensive disruptors
4x Fwd torpedo tube
1x Aft torpedo tube

Extra features: Each ship has it's own pulse and torpedo projectile file, even if they are the same, allowing advanced users to modify weapons strength without overwriting the master pulse or torpedo for the entire firehawk based fleet.

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