SFP Cormorant Lost Era Refit



The lost era version of the Cormorant class Battleship (now downgraded to dreadnought) reciever perhaps the least extensive refit of all the previous classes to be upgraded in this era because it was so new as the Federation transitioned to it's new phaserbank technology. The most significat upgrade was propulsion. New more efficient and more powerfull nacelled were added, eliminating struts all together. Minor readjusting to the weapon arcs was needed due to the shape change for the nacelles. The impulse and fantail was reconfigured, and the rear disruptors were relocated to a slightly different position. A few percent was gained in the impulse speed, acceleration and turn rate. Pulse and defensive arc disruptors recived a small boost, and the the New MrkVII torpedo was delivered. Torpeod loadtimes were improved, and the aft torpedo was replaced with a dual launcher, enabeling 3 vollies of 2 torpedoes instead of 6 singles. It's low profile and barage assult made it a favorable vessel for base assaults, rather than risking the new and more expensive Killerhawk warbirds, codenamed "class B" warbirds by the Federation.



====Starforce Productions Cormorant Battleship====

Model: Taldren, Thulls (engines)
Textures: ganymad, with elements from atrahasis, P81
Kitbashing: Qob'nuH, Klingonfanatic
Torpedo: Lauralins MrkX
Texture tweaks (green impulse): Cordanilus.
Conversion and HP: Starforce2

Ent-B Era Battleship


4x Heavy fwd cannons
2x Medium aft cannons
1x Heavy aft cannon
1x Fwd Heavy disruptor
16x Defensive disruptors
4x Fwd torpedo tube
1x Aft torpedo tube

Extra features: Each ship has it's own pulse and torpedo projectile file, even if they are the same, allowing advanced users to modify weapons strength without overwriting the master pulse or torpedo for the entire firehawk based fleet.

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