SFP Equinox



Here is a "new" take on a old favorite. This Redragon Equinox model was created using the damage textures on the production model as a reference, back in 2002. The Hardpoints are balanced to the Intrepid. The ship is not overtly strong. But can make herself "noticed". The Equinox highly manuverable! She moves like Quicksilver! And can deliver some punishing blows. I tested the SFP Equinox against the U.S.S. Voyager from the Intrepid Class Mod Pack (MVAM). In all the Battle lasted for 15 minuets. The Equinox will move in for the fast strike, while maintaning her distance. She does have an Achilles heel, but I'll let you figure that one out on your own. . . .

Definately worth having a look at. . .



==== Starforce Productions Equinox ====

USS Equinox Battle damage version

Model and texture: Redragon
Conversion and hp: Starforce2
Icon image: C2x
Torpedo: Dkealt (stats and filename modified)

This was the first conversion I ever did for BC ad due  to problems it was never finished and forgotten on my harddrive (dated 8-12-02!) but is now finished. Enjoy! Vessel Ballanced to Elminsters Intrepids

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