SFP Firehawk



The Firehawk is a Romulan heavy cruiser, 365m in length, fielded in the mid Excelcior era of TMP. It features a significant change in both coloring and design, moveing away from klingon and klingon based technology and drab D7 hulls. The vessel has 4 nacelles, unusual for a ship this small, allowing it to travel long distances by alternating nacelles or as a backup if one should fail. Although the ship is smaller than the Excelcior class by a significant margin of over 80m, it is roughly equil in offensive power, and is more agile and faster at impulse. It features a torpedo launcher at each end, fwd disruptor pulse weapons and a heavy beam plus multiple defensive disruptors covering the sides and rear. The traditional feathering found on most romulan warships remains.

Additional chnages since the last version icnlude a reballance, the mass and damage valuses fixed, and the impulse drive is now green. Also, some arcs were tweaked. As with all romulans, they each now have their own torpedo and pulse scripts so you can customise them without overwriting and changing the entire fleet.



====Starforce Productions Firehawk Heavy Cruiser====

Model: Thulls
Textures: ganymad, with elements from atrahasis
Torpedo: Lauralins MrkX
Texture tweaks (green impulse): Cordanilus.
Hp and conversion: Starforce2
Beta testing: Blackrook32

Enterprise-B Era Heavy cruiser
Modern version Romulan Medium support ship

Textures: 2X 512*512 tga
Size: 365m


1x Fwd torpedo
1x Aft torpedo
2x Standard Fwd Disruptor pulses
1x Fwd heavy disruptor beam
7x Medium disruptors

Extra features: Each ship has it's own pulse and torpedo projectile file, even if they are the same, allowing advanced users to modify weapons strength without overwriting the master pulse or torpedo for the entire firehawk based fleet.

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