SFP Freedom



Straight from the classic Battle of Wolf:359 comes the SFC Freedom. This Cool new model from Starforce Productions & L.C. Amaral is fast and agile. But her single nacelle is her "Achilles Heel", leaving the Freedom Class vunerable. Her weapon armaments and shielding are light. I would consider this class of ship as a support vessel. Reguardless, the Freedom Class can hold her own in large tactical engagements. While testing the Freedom in a fleet attack against the C2X BOBW Cube, this Ship lasted the longest against the Borg. So something can be said for being "Swift". I notice the textures of this model is complementary to the SNS Galaxy.

So recreate your own Wolf:359 senario, and take Command.

Defiantely Download Worthy!



====Starforce Productions & LC Amaral Wolf359 Vessels====
Freedom class

Model and texture: LC amaral
Hardpoints: Starforce2
Torpedo: Dkealt (stats modified and renamed)
Beta-testing: Collective allaince and BCfiles staff

LC would also like  to thank SNS for help with galaxy style textures!

The freedom class features experimental impulse integrated into the warp system. It is fast and agile, with both torpedo and phasers it can outfly most ships it's size due to it's low mass. It's low  profile make it a  dificult target,  although it's nacelle  is frequently hit leaving it vulnerable. This ship has light phasers and shields, and is generaly used in a supporting role for a larger vessel.

Note that freedom2.py is an alternate hardpoint. Remove the "2" from the filename  and overwrite if  you feel the rear bay abvoe the nacelle should be an  exhaust vent rather than a housing  for the aft tractor and aft torpedo. The hp will remove these 2 features from the orininal hp.

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