SFP New Orleans



Here is a "new" take on an old favorite form Starforce Productions & L.C. Amaral, the SFP New Orleans. The most modern of the Wolf: 359 ships, the New Orleans Class has (3) Impulse engines like the Galaxy Class, (6) forward torpedo tubes and excellent phaser firing arcs. This ship is highly manuverable for it's size. Able to handel herself in any situation, the New Orleans can take heavy damage, and still prove to be a formidable opponent. While testing this ship against the C2X BOBW Cube, the New Orleans suffered heavy damage, with nearly 40% of her total mass destroyed. Reguardless, she still hang on to keep fighting!

So take Command of this Federation Classic. . .

Defiantely Download Worthy!!



====Starforce Productions & LC Amaral Wolf359 Vessels====
New Orleans Class

Model and texture: LC amaral
Hardpoints: Starforce2
Torpedo: Dkealt (stats modified and renamed)
Beta-testing: Collective allaince and BCfiles staff

LC would also like  to thank SNS for help with galaxy style textures!

The New Orleans has modern shields due to it's tng styled deflector system, and it's 3 impulse  engines and smaller size make it agile. It has 6 fwd torpedo  tubes housed in 3 pods, and a single  aft launcher. This ship's primary duity is a  torpedo cruiser, and it's  phasers are lower power than expected for such a ship, but it's numerous defensive arcs does give it the ability to defend itself from moderate vessels, however it should be supported by a challenger phaser cruiser or a couple freedom classes.

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