SFP Niagara



Here is a cool model from Starforce Productions & L.C. Amaral, the SFP Niagara. As seen in the classic TNG episode "The Best of Both Worlds Pt.II" this is a Old Dreadnought from the 2340's. This will be evident in it's shielding and armaments. Along the lines with the Ambassador Class, the Niagara has improved manuverability for it's era. And her phaser recharge time is nominal. That being said, the (3) warp nacelles provide a "tempting" target. Reguardless, this will be a keeper for any Federation inventory. . .

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====Starforce Productions & LC Amaral Wolf359 Vessels====
Niagara class

Model and texture: LC amaral
Hardpoints: Starforce2
Torpedo: Dkealt (stats modified and renamed)
Beta-testing: Collective allaince and BCfiles staff

LC would also like  to thank SNS for help with galaxy style textures!

The Niagara class is an older ship, dreadnought class, from the ambassador era given the job of testing galaxy nacelles for the Galaxy class project. Although it has equil phser output to a  galaxy class,  it cannot  fire for the same length of time  or recharge as fast. It's  older deflector systems decrease  it's shield effectiveness (based on evidence from yesterdays enterprise on deflector and shield relationships).  Although, it's newer impulse  drive  does provide better propulsion  than the original Enterprise-C, but it's  manuverability is still about equil to a galaxy despite it being a smaller vessel.

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