SFP Sparrow



The sparrow class Medium Cruiser is a standard cruiser class which was upgraded to the Senator DN class for a short period of time. When the Senator was discontinued, the remaining sparrow classes continued to be in Service. For a short time, a light cruiser was upgraded to fill the spaces left by upgraded sparrows in the medium cruiser department, but they'd never achive the reputation and performance of the Sparrow. The Sparrow was successfull enough to recieve a refit sometime between the Enterprise B and C, pushing it's service further. These ships were often seen on boarder patrol. The ship has excelent fire coverage with it's beam weapons and is manuverable enough to keep out of the main arcs of heavy vessels. It's single large impulse engine was perhaps it's only flaw in that if it was damaged there was no secondary sublight.

The Sparrow is an un-bash..meaning a Senator had it's dorsal nacelle and pylons removed to make this "pre-fit" class. Add a backstory and presto, a new ship class de-evolution.



====Starforce Productions Sparrow medium cruiser====

Model: Thulls
Textures: ganymad, with elements from atrahasis
Torpedo: Lauralins MrkX
Texture tweaks (green impulse): Cordanilus.
Conversion and HP: Starforce2

292m medium cruiser

Size: 292m

2x fwd pulse weapons
1x fwd torpedo
2x aft torpedo
5x disruptor
1x heavy disruptor

Extra features: Each ship has it's own pulse and torpedo projectile file, even if they are the same, allowing advanced users to modify weapons strength without overwriting the master pulse or torpedo for the entire firehawk based fleet.

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