SFPO Inaieu Class Drone Cruiser

This is a vessel that's been sitting on my drive for a long time (honestly what hasn't, at this point lol) while I sat pondering exactly how...


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This is a vessel that's been sitting on my drive for a long time (honestly what hasn't, at this point lol) while I sat pondering exactly how I should make an SFC styled droner cruiser. Then it came to me. Those nifty little STX photon torps from the SOV by CG. Add some speed and high tracing ability and you instantly have an interesting drone cruiser. This odd looking vessel is basically a combat barge from which drones are fired in the battlefield. It should be escorted by destroyers and cruisers as it has limited phaser armament, but it's drones, which are controlled by computer or crewman interface, have deadly accuracy. They achieve this with their larger physical size, allowing for more maneuvering systems as well as a slightly larger warhead. The trade off is the launch bays are exposed and the load time is longer, and each drone is fired one at a time. For playability, each drone "tube" in the HP represents 2 launchers on the model, and each modeled on warhead is accounted for. The standard excelsior fwd and aft tubes also can fire one each. You can fire more than 45 degrees off target and still hit something. Just use your shots sparingly or you might be left without weapons while you reload.

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Download 'sfpoinaieu.rar' (2.98MB)

====Starforce Productions Inaieu====

Model parts by: P81, Moonraker
Textures: GAFY? Modelspelase
Kitbashed by: Modelsplease
Weapons: Drone modified from a CGphoton

This drone cruiser contains files used from the CGsov. The Drone file has been renamed so as not to overwrite the CGphoton.

The ship:
The ship is armed with 10 port and 10 starboard torpedo launchers to fire the drones. That is exactly half the number of actual missles modeled on the ship, so each will fire 2. The drones have good tracking and slightly more damage than a standard torpedo. Plus, each of the normal locations for torpedoes fires a single drone. It also has a minimum arc for 4 phasers fwd, and 2 aft. Use drones sparingly as they have a 45 second reload time. This ship is best escorted by something with standard defensive capabilities. The drone launchers, being exposed, are also easily damaged.

======Legal mumbo-jumbo=========
This BC Conversion contains work created by or under copyright jurisdiction of the Outalance mod team. It was sent to Starforce Productions by Outalance for the express purpose of BC conversion, with the understanding that all permissions were pre-secured for this purpose by Outalance Administration. If you feel the work in this file has been used incorrectly, the Outalance administration expects you to contact the author of the BC Conversion PRIVATELY.  If you feel things cannot be resolved in this matter, Contact outalance administration directly via outalance@gmail.com and you will recieve a response within 2 days under most circumstances. Anyone who attempts to use the public forums under the jurisdiction of BCfiles staff as a means to solve the issue, including but not limited to: accusations of theft or willfull abuse of items contained in this archive, Flamming, Miscredits and other readme errors, questioning permissions--- will be subject to post deletion and account suspension. Failure to abide by the above terms on other forums throughout the modding community (outside of BCfiles) will result in the offending posts/threads reported to the administrator/staff of that board along with a copy of this readme. Use of inflammatory/intimidative tactics to solve your problem on public forums may also delay resolution of your problem until which time the offensive postings are removed and an apology to the applicable forum members and staff who just had to put up with your lapse of judgement is posted in it's place.

Additionally, any conversions, modifications, or other modding of this file for public release in BC, Legacy, or other games must be authorised with permission from outalance shipyards.

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