SFRD Constellation Class V.1.1

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Here is a rendition of the Constellation Class cruiser as a seen in the TNG season 1 episode 8- The Battle. This is a high quality ship model that handles well in game. The hardpoints are in keeping with the pre TNG era. These ships are well balanced in game, excellent for taking up-close screen shots. This is not the original release of this ship model by the SFRD team; as the nacelles now have canon regs. I would suggest downloading the SFRD Engineering Kit v.1.0, as most of the SFRD ships are calibrated for its use.

SFRD Engineering Kit_Fed v.1.0



==================================== Required ===========
you will need to have installed the bridge commander patch
[ http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Bridge_Commander_Patch;2374 ]

and of course the Foundation (which can also be found in BCUT and KM and follow the readmes )

For some ships I do recommend (it is fun , for some ships, but good to have installed anyway)

NOTE: if you have Kobayashi Maru, many things (read the readme) are included, However if you Have Kobayashi Maru,
Do NOT reinstall the Foundation or shuttle Launch framework.

Starfleet R-D-s Engineering Kit use weapons and sounds from there

===================== Credits ==========================
Thank you Totally games for making Bridge Commander possible and
For the Patch that we use (1.1)

and Dasher42 for his Foundation mod that allows us to add more ships
(the foundation comes bcut and in Kobayashi Maru)

USS Sovereign for BCUT - TDE (good tools)

USS Sovereign for Slipstream Frame work

shuttle Launching Framework originally by Evan Light aka sleight42

Kobayashi Maru - by the KM Team [highly recommend this]

mesh - Baz1701

textures - Baz1701

hardpoint - TiqHud

beta testing - SF R-D - - Uss Marine
[[ SF R-D team , hobbs [Uss Griffin], bankruptstudios, Lionus, GMunoz, sovereign001, JB06, Baz1701, King Class Scout, TiqHud ]]
screenshots by beta testers, graphics quality is different because the screenshots are from different systems.

tested in Kobayashi Maru and with Starfleet R-D-s Engineering Kit

Note: appears in QB menu 'SFRD Ships'
included is a set of 1024 textures in folder called 'stargazer1024'

* 02/28/2017: This ship was lost when BCFiles closed it's doors. 
The only copy was in my private install. Note that two texture were
altered "nacelle1_glow & nacelle2_glow" to show canon regs.
- Blackrook32 

To install
just unzip into a Temp folder and copy-paste the contents into your main Bridge Commander folder.
to apply new textures open folder ''stargazer1024'' copy and paste into stargazer512 folder
[delete all _Vox-- nifs]

Starfleet R-D team MUST be contacted, and Permission asked, before any retexture or port of these mods can be done
and permission Must be obtained First. And your project be renamed to prevent overwriting and a proper credit given.

Most of the Starfleet R-D team can be PMed at BCC

I can be emailed at tiqhud AT gmail Dot com [best if emailed] , or PMed at BCC , BCS:TNG

by the installation of this Mod-ship you agree that I or anyone mentioned in this readme, can NOT be held
responsible , for the Messing up of Your computer


Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek The Next
generation, Star Trek Voyager (and various logo devices used in them) are
copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sounds
from the productions.

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