SFRD Engineering Kit



TEXTURES for all our future releases.This pack is set up to be copied and pasted into your BC main folder, just click yes to all when it asks as this will not over-write any existing files.The SFRD ENGINEERING KIT consists of 316 files, each has the SFRD_ tag to differentiate the file from any other.The reasons for this kit is to allow all users of our MODS to use them without needing to download such large MODS as the KM1.0 or others.So in short those of you who want to use our ships all you need is this kit along with the ship of your choice.Just download this file and copy the folders DATA SCRIPTS and SFX into your BC main directory. Here they can sit, safe and sound ready for when you need them.It is free to use by any modder, just make sure you specify it as a requirement.


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