SFSY Klingon D-16 Bird of Prey v.1.0

This is the Klingon D-16 Bird of prey from the SFSY team. Testing this in game, this ship is in keeping with the late TMP. IMO, she's a...


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This is the Klingon D-16 Bird of prey from the SFSY team. Testing this in game, this ship is in keeping with the late TMP era. IMO, she's a little slow on impulse turns, but she more than make up for it in fire power. The D-16 is no match for TNG era ships, as her lack of maneuverability makes her an easy target with ships with multiple firing arcs. Regardless ,the D-16 is a beauty to behold, and would make an excellent addition to your Klingon fleet!

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Download 'd 16 chadohubwi.zip' (14.48MB)

With this vessel we Welcome Kophjaeger to team San Francisco Shipyards.                        

Qaplaa! I am proud to present the TLE Klingon D-16. Despite the Gorkon initiative towards entente, this ship marks the response to the Excelsior family of advanced Federation ships. While comparable in size to a bird of prey, the D-16 mounts a formidable powerplant and the latest weapons technology. During an era when the empire could barely afford its military budget, quality over quantity bred this attack cruiser. Strike fear into the hearts of your complacent Starfleet foes at the helm of the empire's latest warship.                                 
Comes with set of 1024 textures, in the Low folder. [just copy and paste them into the High folder, if having troubles with the Bigger textures]]

   (( if you encounter a problem, put it in the San Francisco Shipyards Download area over at BCC )
        and Please add a screenshot, and a console report if needed) [it will be seen] 

read the readmes and especially the requirements and also the credits.

==================================== Required ================
you will need to have installed the bridge commander patch 
[ http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Bridge_Commander_Patch;2374 ] 

 and of course the Foundation  (which can also be found in BCut and KM and follow the readmes )

Starfleet R-D-s Enginerring Kit  use weapons and sounds from there

   ****Brings up-to-date Some KM items Not really required but FUN ****  
*if you wish to Escape in the Proper pod use this *

===================== Credits ==========================
Thank you Totally games for making Bridge Commander possible and
For the Patch that we use (1.1)

and Dasher42 for his Foundation mod that allows us to add more ships
  (the foundation comes bcut and in Kobayashi Maru, if you have KM , DO NOT reinstall)

USS Sovereign for BCUT - TDE  (good tools) 

Kobayashi Maru -  by the KM Team           [highly recommend this]	

SFRD_Engineering_Kit   by SFRD_ Team

Escape_Pods_varied by SFRD team

This is a Kophjaeger original model, skin, and design. If you want to use this in your release, please contact me. I am port friendly. I have nothing to do with CBS, Paramount, Bethesda, or Mad Doc, and this release is to be used for non commercial purposes only.

mesh - - Kophjaeger 

textures - - Kophjaeger 

rescaling Assistance - Hobbs

hardpoint--testing- TiqHud

rescaling in sight - Uss Marine

beta testing - SFSY team - Uss Marine
[[  SFSY team -  Baz1701, Phoenix Bondi, Lionus, Gmunoz, Killallewoks, Aces_High, McKinney, cinqnic\Clperkins, Arvis Taljik,  Andyp, Kophjaeger, TiqHud ]]
screenshots by beta testers, graphics quality is different because the screenshots are from different systems.

tested in Kobayashi Maru and with Starfleet R-D-s Engineering Kit
Note: this will be in QB menu  Klingon   Ships [it is titled chaDoHubwI ]

To install
just unzip into a Temp folder and copy-paste the contents into your main Bridge Commander folder.

 Kophjaeger  can be PMed at BCC 
I can be emailed at  tiqhud AT gmail Dot com   [best if emailed] , or PMed at BCC

 here is the link to BCC  http://www.bc-central.com/forums/index.php (I think you need to register)

by the installation of this Mod-ship you agree that I or anyone mentioned in this readme, can NOT be held 
responsible , for the Messing up of Your computer


Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek The Next
generation, Star Trek Voyager (and various logo devices used in them) are
copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sounds
from the productions.

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