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I give you the Shield Pack (V.75) there are 20 different shields for your starship needs. Included was the original 25th Century shields. I...


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I give you the Shield Pack (V.75) there are 20 different shields for your starship needs. Included was the original 25th Century shields. I waited for a while to release this to see how many downloads and what comments there were on the 25th Century Shields, now with over 400 downloads, I decided to release this pack, including Romulan Shields, Dominion shields and many many more unique shield textures you wont find any where else. I hope you enjoy this pack and sorry for the late release.


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Shield Pack

25th Century Shields
-These are shields for the future ships as seen in Star Trek Voyager - End Game.

Lightning Shields
-Static Shields dispersing energy from a single location across the grid, causing a less of a electrical discharge and damage to internal systems.

Vortex Shields 
-Energy Dampening Shields, keeps weapons fire from distrupting critical systems. Rarely used due to the power consumption required.

Fracture Shields
-Lessens the Hull stress when taking hits, mostly used by smaller ships, such as Shuttles, Runabout and attack crafts. 

Omega Shields 
-UFPs new standard in shield technology, creating a vector in which enemy fire hits leaving other parts of the ship open for rescue/operations. Powered by Advanced Neuro-Gel Packs with 1/1000th of a second response time in order to raise the shield vector. Can also be powered on to keep all vectors shielded. These are only used on ships with Transport Inhibitors. 

Solar Flare Shields
-These Shields are high resistance shields, mostly used by medical and science ships. They're used for planetary entry and solar entery in case of emergencies.

Hurricane Shields
-I added this one for a special reason, not a modification, but a response to the recent hurricane in Texas and to those who lost familys and their homes there. 

and many more!


(All these sheilds are made by FourChan, they don't do the functions as above but work as normal operating shields in Bridge Commander, I just though they'd be good to have a Story behind them. You can use them on any ship or any race. Also thanks for ChronowerX_GT; intrepid90 and kirk2164 for helping beta test them and get them finalized. I hope you enjoy them and don't forget to backup sphere.tga. in activision/bridge commander/data, thanks for downloading!)

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