Ship Icon Pack

Here we have an update to some ship Icons for use with your game. There is a choice of two types included...1 set are flat dorsal views and...

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File Description

Here we have an update to some ship Icons for use with your game. There is a choice of two types included...1 set are flat dorsal views and the others are angled, aft / dorsal. There are 172 icons in each pack and are pretty comprehensive.

While this is a handy mod pack to keep all your icons uniform, they still lack the alpha map meaning that they will still sit on black squares as some just seem to be caps from BC. Also the flat views are a little too dark but this still looks like a lot of hard work.

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Ship Icon Pack 2.0

Created by: brex
E-mail: [email protected]
Version: 2.0 ( You can find old version on:;40506 )
Credits: I did all work
This version of Ship Icon Pack include rear and upper view icons. You can choose what you like.

Changes since version 1.0:
I added some new ships and upper view icons.
I didn't put any screenshot because I didn't have time.
I did all icons. Some of them are similar with already existing.
I hope you like it.
Ship Icon Pack 2.0  includes icons for this ships:

-	Akira
-	Ambassador
-	AMVoyager
-	ArmoredVoyager
-	Norway
-	Nova 
-	Steamrunner
-	Concord
-	Constellation
-	Constitution (TOS, refit)
-	Danube Mk 1, Mk 2
-	Dauntless
-	Deep Space 9
-	Defiant
-	Delta Flyer
-	DGAMVoyager
-	DGArmoredVoyager
-	Excalibur
-	Excelsior (normal, D, Dv3)
-	Phaser Turret
-	Type 6 Shuttle
-	Galaxy
-	Galaxy X
-	Independence
-	Kenjar
-	MVAM Galaxy
-	MVAM Prometheus
-	Nebula
-	Nebula X
-	NemesisSovereign
-	New Orleans Class ( New Orleans, Rutelge, Rengrade, Thomas Payne...)
-	Nissequoge
-	NX-01 Enterprise
-	NXFighter
-	Picard
-	Prometheus
-	Pulsar
-	Raider (1-10)
-	Sarajevo ( BS, CG, HP, QA, S, SC)
-	Saratoga
-	Soulwolf
-	Sovereign
-	Sovereign SX
-	Sovereign Yacht
-	Transport
-	Type 9 Shuttle
-	All Federation ships and bases from ''Romulan Wars Ship Pack''
-	Archemedes
-	Lennox
-	Victory
-	Wells
-	Voyager (armored)

-	BaQ
-	Bird of Death
-	Bird of Prey
-	Bird of Prey Mk 1, Mk 2
-	KL24C
-	D2
-	D6
-	D7
-	Dahchu
-	eBoP
-	Ghen Har
-	Klingon Star Base
-	NeghVar
-	SFK Vortcha
-	VaJaq
-	Vorcha
-	Vorcha 2
-	All Klingon ships from ''Romulan Wars Ship Pack''

-	ScavangerV
-	Marauder
-	Ferenhi Shuttle

-	Light
-	Heavy
-	Assault Ship

-	Bugship
-	Battleship
-	BC ( Battle Cruiser)
-	Dominion Transport
-	Dreadnought

-	Bakrus
-	CardZBattle
-	Galor
-	Hutet
-	Hybrid
-	Keldon
-	Veracidor

-	Cone
-	Diamond
-	Sovereign
-	Li Borg Star Base
-	Matrix Cube
-	Sphere
-	Tactical Fusion Cube
-	Tactical Cube

-	Albatross
-	D7
-	Battlebird
-	Cygnus
-	Dvethex
-	Interceptor
-	Rakula
-	Romulan BoP (TOS)
-	Romulan CL (TOS)
-	Vahhrer
-	VahhrerT
-	Warbird
-	All Romulan ships and bases from ''Romulan Wars Ship Pack''

-	Scimitar

Species 8472:
-	Behemoth
-	Bioship
-	Cruiser
-	Defender
-	Frigate
-	Magma 8472
-	Mother ship
-	Scout

Requirements: ST Bridge Commander (game)
Install: extract archive in special directory and then choose witch type of icons you like and copy data folder into STBC main folder.
Bugs: This is not bug but black color is not always same and I don't know how to make black color ( stars and sky ) transparent. If anyone konows how to make this efect please contact me. Except that there is no bugs (if you find bug please tell me about it).
Sorry for my bad English.

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