Ship Icons

Heres a vast number of icons.

They really look great ingame.


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Heres a vast number of icons.

They really look great ingame.

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Matsch-Klon's Tactical Icons v1.0

Here are 38 new Tactical Buttons for Bridge Commander! Apply them by copying the data-folder from this ZIP-File to your Bridge Commander-Root Directory. You might have to change the Icons's names to be able to use them probably. Anyway, the stock Ships will get my new Icons for sure.

I made these Icons, after I found a real cool looking set of tactical icons by ASDB_J here. Although they look awesome, i decided to make my own ones, so that i would have a FULL set, as i use much more ships, than ASDB_Js Set covers up. I made them just like him: Resizing Screenshots, having used a light green starfield, converting the images into targa and add some alpha blendin. well, i , for myself, like them very much. what about you?

These are the Ships included (top left to bottom right on my screenshot):

- Aegian Class
- Akira Class
- B'rel Bird of Prey
- Breen Frigate
- Excelsior Class
- Nova Class
- Steamrunner Class
- Constellation Class
- Constitution Class
- D7-Class
- Runabout: Danube Class
- Dauntless
- Defiant Class
- Delta Flyer
- Dominion Battlecruiser
- Excalibur Class
- Sovereign Class
- Galaxy Class
- Galor Class
- Hutet Class
- Hybrid
- Intrepid Class
- Keldon Class
- Kessok: Heavy
- Kessok: Light
- Marauder
- Negh'var Class
- Nebula Class
- NX-Class
- Prometheus Class
- Scimitar
- Tactical Cube
- Type 9 Shuttlecraft
- Norexon Class (Valdore)
- Vor'cha Class
- Cube
- D'deridex Class (Warbird)
- Wells Class

If you would like ANY more Icons, just contact me, i'll make them for you in a matter of minutes!
- Email:

Credits: I used Bridge Commander's Stock Ships and many Ships you can download on this page for the screenshots i converted.

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