Slipstream Tunnel v.3.0



Here is "New" Video preview to the Slipstream Tunnel by Cordanilus. This video clip shows the updated graphics for the upcoming mod featuring the Century Class 1701-F. The Textural graphics are stunning! One of the textures reminds me of Babylon: 5's Hyperspace. The video preview is in DIVX format, so you will need the latest player. Testing the video clip on my end, the DIVX player was prompted automatically. So, if your looking to update the slipstream tunnel in your install?

Here is a sneak peek at some cool alternatives.



Hi All.

As you've seen the POTD here

I've been working on a new Slipstream, with the approval of USS Sovereign of BCS:TNG

I endeavor to enrich slipstream to the best of my current abilities and try to further all of my skills in what I can do.
Here we have a preview of my accomplishment. I hope you will enjoy this video as much as I liked making it.

This file was originally made as a .divx but renamed as  .avi to help solve some problems before they start.

All you need do is open up the .rar and extract the video and watch it.


I would recommend that you do have the latest divx codec that works with your media player.
Some older divx codecs may not work but I have not tested this theory yet.


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Star Trek: Bridge Commander was produced and distributed by Activision Inc.

This video is not intended as an infringement of the owners rights.


cordanilus AT hotmail DOT com

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