SNS Akira Pack (v1 and v2) Hardpoint cannon update + Carrier script

Very well done HP update, for the SNS Akira Packs.


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Very well done HP update, for the SNS Akira Packs.

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SNS Akira Pack (v1 and v2) Hardpoint cannon update v2.0 + Carrier script(4 shuttle launching)
by $1TH_P$YCH0/P$YCH0

This is an update for the HP of the great SNS Akira pack.
V2 update-Blinkers!
V2 update-tweaked warp power and impulse engines.
V2 update-damage icons positions fixed.
All ships have been modified, rebalanced, left with only 3 phaser arrays(V2 update-"strongest akiras" have 4 more phaser arrays on warp nacelles) for a more cannon feel.
All phasers have been properly aligned with the phazer arrays(v2 update-a little bit thinner phaser beams).
All ships use modified Duranal Photon and Quantum Torpedoes(from SNS Galaxy)
They have 2 torpedo launchers removed(9 and 11), and the 10 now launches 3 torps, but with a slower reload rate. ALL torpedo launchers can now fire only 1 torpedo before reload, (V2 update-"strongest Akiras have 2 extra torpedo tubes port and starboard).

The weakest ship USS Akira ( HP) has been made on the bases of the original P81-HP(P81 Akira), it has Photon 200 Photon and 50 Quantum torpedoes, weakest shields and phasers.

The "normal" Akiras ( HP) have slightly stronger shields from NX Akira but with a better recharge rate, carries 220 Photon and 100 Quantum torpedoes, and better phazer power.

The "strong" Akiras ( HP) are different than the "normal" ones in hull strenght(it can be repaired faster), stronger but slower recharging shields, and it has 400 quantum torpedoes.

The "strongest" Akiras ( have cloack, strongest phasers, 250 Quantum and 80 Phased plasma torpedoes(the original ones that came with the pack), Strong faster recharging shields, and one extra torpedo launcher on both sides. It is fast and manouverable.
V2 update-has 4 more phaser arrays on warp nacelles and 2 more torp. launchers(so now ALL fire only 1 before reload exept the forward one).

I have edited the warp cores also so now you cannot have unlimited power like before.
V2 update-warp cores aditionaly tweaked, much more balanced now.

Just unpack the folders into your main Bridge Commander Directory (example C:/Program Files/Activision/Bridge Commander)

SNS Akira pack or SNS Akira pack 2, NanoFX2beta(for blinkers) and PeragrineF1(optional)-for the launching.
V2 update-tested with v1 and v2 of the pack!!!

Special thanx:
Scotchy, Rick Knox, Duranal, Mleo, CaptainBryan(CaptainCook/CaptainRussell) for the great SNS Akira Pack.

Any questions, sugestions, problems, e-mail me or post at BC Universe.


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