SNS Galaxy X

In cooperation between Scottpkeene and Scotchy I present to you the SNS Galaxy X. I always hated that monstrosity of a shipHowever as...


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In cooperation between Scottpkeene and Scotchy I present to you the SNS Galaxy X. I always hated that monstrosity of a shipHowever as far monstrosities go this one is beautiful. It has an excellent hardpoint and it doesnt overwrite the P81GalaxyX as far as I can tell. Good work on making ugly lovely. If you dont agree just check out the screens below.

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Title		: Scotts SNS Galaxy X
Filename	:
Version		: 1.0
Date		: 29.06.2004
Author		: scottpkeene
Email		:
URL		:
Requirements	: Scotchys Galaxy ( and its requirements) , Nanofx 2.0b

This is the Galaxy Variant seen in TNG "All Good Things" it is known as the Galaxy X variant this is the most powerful varient of a galaxy class known to The star trek series.

I never intened to publish the sip and made it for myself but the demand was so high when i got permision i leaped at the chance  

This ship is powerful how ever if your ever in a fight agaist against it dont get in front of it it is weak to the dorsal side.

Enjoy :)

PS this uses Mleodlaader's Reg script so you can make your own regestry using the same method as with scotchys Galaxy 

Model Design	: Paramount
Textures	: Scotchy, P81 and scottpkeene Rusty0918 all regs but ENT-D 
Mesh		: Scotchy, P81 and scottpkeene
Registrys	: Scotchy, Scottpkeene (USS Enterpise-D), Rusty0918 (USS Mariner, USS Olympus, USS Titan, USS Trinculo)
Icon		: Scottpkeene
Build time	: 8 days 
Beta testers	: BloodBorg, cds7318, Darkthunder, Jeffrey Walker, Rusty0918
Hardpoints      : scottpkeene using Durandal's original SNSgalaxy HP as a parent script,Rusty (USS Olympus)
Special Thanks 	: Scotchy (I love your galaxy does this ship true credit), Durandal, Mleodladder, P81 and the beta testers 

Sorry if i missed anyone there where so many people envolved in making scotchys galaxy i may have missed some people but its not intentional 

Technical Details
Polycount        : 1400+ if you have trouble with scotchys galaxy dont even attempt to use this

Tested in Bridge Commander 1.1 (with nanofx2beta ,Scotchys Galaxy) 

Known Bugs

Steps to install

1. Extract to your BC directory
2. DO NOT USE BCMP to install 
2. Play.
3. Go shout and Complain to me if you don't like it (email above, or post at BCU).

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Please do not distribute modified versions of these files without seeking permission from the 
authors, it's just polite.

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