Sol Multisystem

Separates dashers sol system in to 9 separate systems (1 for each planet). You can warp between planets as well.


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Separates dashers sol system in to 9 separate systems (1 for each planet). You can warp between planets as well.

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This file will detect where BC is on your Hard Drive. 

3 Mods needed here; 

1. DASHER 42's SOL System installed for this to work properly! You can get that at 
2. You will also need 9 of 9's Defiant from BC Files. 
3. BanzaiZap SystemPack 14. - I use some elements of his systems. 
(Side note: - I am adding ships..etc. to a lot of Banzai's systems - there'll be another download for my updates to his systems) 

This is Dasher42's Sol System separated into individual systems: 


These are playable by the above names. 

I have also set up a MultiSystem version of this, where you can warp from one planet 
to another very easily. 

Earth comes from another place: 

Because there are some files needed from my original Chris Jones Systems, that is part of this download. The reason is that the Earth system is quite extensive, as in lots of activity that requires certain key files to be modified. 

The Mutator button is called: 


Essentially this is an expansion of the 1st Chris Jones System release that has the following: 

All systems (not CJones3) have commandable ships that will dock with the bases. 

Here's what the systems are: 

1. CJones1 - 5 planets, 2 Suns - the same system that's out now with the QBR missions on the download forum, only a bit modified. There are several transports moving between the planets, all neutral. 
(updated from June 2003 release) 

2. CJones2 - Several planets, 2 stations (1 friendly, 1 enemy), 2 Stars, eighteen ships (yes - 18!) that interrelate in different ways - some that will come to another ship's rescue, Nebulae, and Asteroid Fields. 2 of the ships are player controlled. 

3. CJones3 - Lots of activity, including a HUGE asteroid!. Elements of BanzaiZap's Nursery and Comet systems are in here. This was my experimental system. (This system updated from original June 2003 release) 

4. Earth - This is Dasher42's Sol3 (Earth-Moon) system with a Starbase that defends itself - and - YOU CAN DOCK WITH IT. This has transports going to the moon, among other things. You can also tell the commandable Akira to dock with it. There are ships that race to the rescue of the Lunar transports if they get attacked. 

5. Spacedock - Earth with a drydock, instead of a Starbase, that you can re-fit with! 
(This one was used as a template for a BanzaiZap system update - in another download) 

6. SolarSystem - Earth with all nine planets correctly spaced for distance, based on distances from the sun in each of the Sol systems that Dasher set up. Asteroid field included. Ship shaking here, but it is to scale. 

7. SolarSystemSmall - Earth with the planets much closer together for easy traveling and sight seeing! Planets are the original sizes that Dasher had setup. Kinda pretty.. 

8. DeepSpaceNine - a dockable Cardassian Starbase(stock model). Re-fit at Deep Space 9! updated to include 9 of 9's Defiant from BC Files. 

A total of 3 new Mutator buttons: (if you never had the 1st release of the the CJones Systems) 

1. Helm Override (allows for docking in the systems that do it) 
2. The CJones Systems 
3. SolMultisystem 

Note if you already had the CJones systems only the SolMultisystem mutator button will appear as new. 


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