Sol Multisystem (Warp to 9 Planets) w/ AI ships and NanoFx2




Note: This file will not update or override your current Sol install. This is a separate file altogether.

This file will detect where BC is on your hard drive (according to your latest install), and you will have the option to customize the install directory.

There are some new NanoFx2 Atmosphere classes included here, in addition to the ones that came with NanoFx2. Class-I, Class-N, etc..

Each Planet in our Solar System is selectable by name in Quickbattle. To warp between each planet by selecting only one map, select Sol Multisystem. When you 1st get to the 'Multi-System', you will not be at any one planet, but will have the choice of where to go.

If you have the 1st Sol Multisystem installed, The Mutator will not change, and Earth will not have the same AI ships as before.

It is not required that you have Sol installed first. This is an all inclusive download, all files needed are here. There are NO requirements for this mod, all files included.

Original Sol System by Dasher 42.

Planet Atmosphere code by Nanobyte from NanoFx2

Atmospheres added to each system by Chris Jones, some coding by Jeff Watts, Jr.

New Earth texture included, given to me by Dark Thunder.

This file will detect where Bridge Commander is on your hard drive and will install all files to the correct folders. You do have the option of installing to a different directory ny clicking the gray button next to the install directory.

You must have NanoFx2 installed for this to work to it's fullest extent, although this mod will work without it.

Enable the following mutators:

Sol Multisystem Multisystem AIs Helm Override. NanoFx2 Beta

Select Sol Multisystem as a Quickbattle Map, and you'll have the option of warping to any of the nine planets in our solar system, along with any maps NanoFx2 has enabled.

Some systems have ships flying along until attacked. Some systems have ships that will attack any enemy entering the system.

Earth has lots of activity. Any enemies that come around will be met with the Federation's wrath. New Earth texture included, given to me (Chris) by Dark Thunder.

You'll be able to dock with Starfleet Command at Earth. Earth and Mars each have a commandable Akira Class. At Earth you can tell the Akira to dock with Starfleet Command. Special thanks to Jeff Watts, Jr for some scripting work and mutator setup. (going back to Summer 2003).

Mars has a dockable Spacedock. A bug exists to where you have to have your commandable ship dock before your own ship can. We may have to live with it. A new DryDock harpoint is included that enables Mars docking. It will not affect normal gameplay. (Thanks, Jeff.)

Jupiter also has a dockable base called Jupiter Station (Fed Starbase model), along with 2 commandable ships that will dock as well.

There's some shuttles moving around the Saturn system. New Saturn and Saturn's Rings models created by Jeff Watts, Jr. using Dasher's Saturn Textures. Dasher's texture is also used for the rotating color band atmosphere effect, implemented by Chris Jones. Saturn's rings are colored, using the same texture color as Dasher did with Saturn. The rings are transparent as well, thanks to Jeff.

Uranus and Neptune have a faint ring system, as they do in real space. Jeff Watts, Jr is the author of the rings and the textures for them. Jeff would like to thank Cpt. LC Amaral for help and tips regarding the transparent rings.

A Sovereign and Ambassador Class start in Neptune. If you start out with enemies in Quickbattle in the Multisystem, the Sov will come from Neptune to help you battle. You will not start out in any particular system with this mod, just deep space, outside the Sol System. Once you warp to anywhere in the Sol System, the Sov will not follow, but suddenly get called away somewhere else. If by chance you play in the Neptune system by itself, the Sov (and Ambassador) will be there to help.

A new Cardassian Starbase hardpoint is included that gives the base Federation Phasers (near Pluto). The Federation phasers are quite powerful and the shield system has been enhanced. The original base hardpoint is included for backup, named cardstarbase.pyORIG. You can rename it by deleting the ORIG part from the extension to get the original file back.


I'll be putting together a 'requirements' version of this as well. Using many current models here on BC Files. I won't include them with the download, but I will have a list of required ships. We'll also change the AI ship activity a bit - and add a few more bad guys. (Thinking outloud).. another kick butt Fed Base at Pluto to make sure we take care of any threats entering our Solar System...

The scenarios and stories you can create with this are endless. ...

Original SOL readme...

All images are copyrighted under the terms stated by their original authors, and are redistributed with this package under their terms. This package may not be redistributed without these credits attached!

--- Credits ---

* Mercury : James Hastings-Trew * Venus : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by David Seal of JPL/Caltech. * Earth : "The Blue Marble", retouched synthesis *1 Moon : James Hastings-Trew * Mars : David Seal, JPG/Caltech; retouched

Jupiter : James Hastings-Trew * Io, : Bj”rn J¢nsson * Europa, * Ganymede, * Callisto,

Saturn : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by Don Davis of JPL/Caltech. * Tethys, : USGS * Dione, * Rhea, * Titan : NASA/JPL/David Seal

Uranus : James Hastings-Trew Ariel, : USGS, retouched, with thanks to Tammy Becker Umbriel, Titania, Oberon,

Neptune : A synthesis of textures by Bj”rn J¢nsson and by Don Davis of JPL/Caltech. Triton : USGS, retouched

* Pluto : David Seal, Rawlings, CalTech/JPL * Charon : David Seal, CalTech/JPL

*1 Earth - A retouched synthesis of textures from "The Blue Marble" at http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Newsroom/BlueMarble/.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Image by Reto St”ckli (land surface, shallow water, clouds).

Enhancements by Robert Simmon (ocean color, compositing, 3D globes, animation).

Data and technical support: MODIS Land Group; MODIS Science Data Support Team; MODIS Atmosphere Group; MODIS Ocean Group

Additional data: USGS EROS Data Center (topography); USGS Terrestrial Remote Sensing Flagstaff Field Center (Antarctica); Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (city lights).

All retouching done by Daniel Houghton AKA Dasher42 unless otherwise noted.

The following files are not required but will enhance your experience with this:

1. Dasher's Acceleration Intercept: http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=7299

2. JWattsjr's Warp Intercept: http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=17425

3. Sneaker 98's Warp Core Ejection Mod!: http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=19685

4. NXDefiant's FleetOrder Mod: http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=18729 (Engineering Mod http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=17105 needed for Fleet Order)

5. Neutral Fleet Order http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=21424 (Engineering needed for this - you can order Neutral ships to do things)

6. Dark Gunman's BC Improvement Pack: http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=20752


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