Sovereign Drydock

Hello again. :D

Cordanilus here from the SBP07 Team present the Sovereign Drydock in which some of you have been eagerly waiting for. I...


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Hello again. :D

Cordanilus here from the SBP07 Team present the Sovereign Drydock in which some of you have been eagerly waiting for. I had fun making this dock and you can see that my skillz are improving.

The dock is 13k polys but uses 1 texture @ 1024 x 1024 which isn't so bad really since the other drydock used 20k polys.

I made this Drydock so I'll let you all rate it.

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Download 'sovereign_drydock.rar' (1.55MB)

Greetings from the Ship Builders Project 2007 (SBP07) team.

I, Cordanilus, have been working hard to learn new things and bring new
awesomeness to BC. lol, if that's a word.  "Awesomeness"

Anyway, here is the Drydock that so many of you know.  The original is
shown on Star Trek: Nemesis near the end of the film and I made this
model just by looking at the screencaps and reviewing that part of the
movie.  There are many many blinkers on this baby and too bad I can't
make them blink in sequence.  I'm just glad you all will be able to enjoy
this dock and thus far, is my best dock made yet.  Enjoy.


Mesh: Cordanilus
Textures and Speculars: Cordanilus
UVW Mapping: Cordanilus
Hardpoint: Cordanilus

Beta Testing

The SBP07 Team:
- MScott
- Tiqhud

Special Beta Tester

- Lint

Installation Instructions

Open the "SovereignDrydock.rar" and extract the files to your Bridge Commander directory. (Usually C:Program FilesActivisionBridge Commander )
The dock is already added to your menu so you don't have to use the BCMP.
It is located under the "Bases" in your Quick Battle menu.


- Clean BC Install
- Patch 1.1  (;2374)
- NanoFX2Beta (;23469)
- QBR 2.3 (;30954)

- Kobayashi Maru 1.0 (;81222)
Note: KM1.0 is only needed for docking and this base will still show up in QBR.


Please ask the author (me) of the modification before work is done in porting to any other game or media.
It's just polite. :D



Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,
Star Trek: Voyager and related properties are Registered Trademarks
 of Paramount Pictures (A Viacom Company) registered in the United
States Patent and Trademark Office.

Star Trek:Bridge Commander was produced and distributed by Activision Inc.

This Model is not intended as an infringement of the owners rights.

Contact Info
SBP07 Email: anazonda AT hotmail DOT com
My email: cordanilus AT hotmail DOT com

This base does work with QBR and KM 0.9 and KM 1.0

I would prefer if your "collisions" is set off since you may crash into the dock if it's on.  Just a precaution. :D
No bugs reported at this time.

All inquiries can be sent to our emails, or to ( )

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