Species 8472 Bioship HP

A new HP for Book's Species 8472 Bioship. Gives it a beam capable of destroying a Borg Tactical Cube.


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A new HP for Book's Species 8472 Bioship. Gives it a beam capable of destroying a Borg Tactical Cube.

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Download 'uss_premonitions_bioship_biopulse_mod.zip' (198KB)

Bioship Hp-

This HP update is for Book's Species 9472 Bioship (The Real One).

Changes from original-
1. Updated Tactical Display: Bio-Pulse icon in the center, not off to the left
2. NEW BIO-PULSE BEAM TEXTURE!!! In my opinion it looks EXACTLY like it did in Voyager, but then again, this IS my mod...
3. Two versions of this mod. One Has a MUCH stronger beam capable of completely destroying the Tactical Cube on BCFiles. Just
start a QB, move at speed 4 towards the enemy Tactical Cube, holding down the phaser-fire button. The enemy Tactical Cube
WILL blow up. The other version has the same strength Bio-Pulse beam, only the texture has been changed. It is up to you 
which one you choose.

1. Download Files 
2. Unzip Files
3. Read Readme
3. Open the folder for the version you wish to install
4. Copy the "Data" and "Scripts" folders into the appropriate directory (Such as C:/Program Files/Activision/
Bridge Commander)
NOTE: Both the PY and PYC files are included, so no deleting is necessary. Also, the new Bio-Pulse texture does NOT 
overwrite the old one. To regain the old Bio-Pulse texture just recopy in the HP files included in the "Back-Up" folder.
5. Play Game

1. Book's Bioship (The Real One) (FYI-His first Bioship was actually the 8472 Frigate)

1. Type 9 Shuttle HPs- MicroPhotons and improved Tactical Display
2. Major overhaul involving P81's B'rel, Galaxy, Akira, Ambassador and Nebula, CGSovereign, Romulan Warbird, 9 of 9's Galor 
and Keldon and C2's Vor'Cha. This mod will completely change the phaser, torpedo and disruptor systems to make them MUCH 
more canon, according to fights seen on TNG. Hull and shield strengths will also be changed.
3. Future HP files to bring more ships into line with my other updated ships

If you wish to reach me to suggest a new mod or provide feedback, please E-mail me at BCPremonition@Hotmail.com

TO WHOEVER POSTS THIS MOD: Please put it under Species 8472 Ships, and then under Hardpoints. I don't think it should
go in the "Weapons Mods" catagory, because this changes a ship.

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