Spoty's wallpaper pack 2

6 good to average quality 1024/768 images of battles.


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6 good to average quality 1024/768 images of battles.

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Authors Email-
Date-April 11,2003 (friday)

This filepack includes 6 screenshots, they are all
interesting pictures that should be worthy of looking at
I tend not to like pictures that have you stare at a ship
and how good it can look in high textures, I rather like editing
the pictures and showing various angles of multiple ships
in battle.
All screenshots are in the resolution: 1024x768
Also the one labeled "where did that come from" is a fun addition I made
that I thought would be cool. It certainly is a strange picture that 
I made to amuse people, it never did make picture of the day
for obvious reasons I suppose ;P. You don't have to rate that picture seriously.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to make great mods in bridge commander.

Installation Instruction:
1) Unzip them to a seperate folder 
2)if you want to view them go to the folder you unzipped them and open them with a program that opens pictures
3)if you want to put it as your desktop background ,(windows xp) right click on your desktop go to background and push browse go to where you unzipped the files select it and push "apply"

This is my second screenshot pack the first one is "Spottys wallpaper pack"
 which you can find on bcfiles.

In the future I may make another screenshot pack I would appreciate any feedback.

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