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Improved damage and alpha chennels for the startrek 3 damaged enterprise. Updated hardpoint as well. No pix were submitted, thus none to pos...


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Improved damage and alpha chennels for the startrek 3 damaged enterprise. Updated hardpoint as well. No pix were submitted, thus none to post.

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Download 'st3ent_v2.rar' (5.21MB)

Battle Damaged 1701 (2.0)


- Texture and alpha channel re-work: ASDB_J a.k.a. Jason Colbert (

- Hardpoint upgrade ( / downgrade, lol) : USS Phoenix


This ship has been modified to be as close as possible to the starship Enterprise as seen in Star Trek 3.  The textures have been much revised based on screencaps to not only reflect the damaged and repaired hull plates, but also to correct a number of small areas on the ship which didn't have the most accurate texturing to start out with.  Let's be candid here though, P81 knocked these ships out in a week back in the day, I just spend weeks "accurizing" ships which I happen to like a lot for BC!  lol

Much thanks to USS Phoenix for tackling the new hardpoint file, it's not exactly my area of expertise...  The ship moves more sluggishly, as is obvious in the motion pictures.  He's added the several smaller single-fire phasers on the engineering hull, as well as making the torpedo system canon.  Remember, as it states in the original readme (which I included because I have so far found no way to contact Joxbo), "Don't get into too much trouble."  hehe

I am including the textures, icon, HP files, and also the DucatST6 torpedo files, in case some of you may not have them (I use them for all my movie ships).



- Original model and textures: P81 a.k.a. Rick Knox (

- Original version base damage textures & ship icon: Joxbo, author of the original readme below...

p.s. - Joxbo's version has remained at medium & low res folders, I mean you wouldn't have downloaded this unless you wanted to see some detail.  ;)

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Battle Damaged 1701(1.0)

Developer: Joxbo


This is the Star Trek III Enterprise complete with battle damage. Like the movie, she has dodgy shields, few dirupted subsystems and one person working on repairs (That'll be Scotty then).
Unfortunatly you can't dock to repair her, because Starfleet already told you she's to be de-commissioned. But you can steal her as many times as you wish,
just don't get into too much trouble, remeber....this is like the real thing. Some of the shields DO NOT WORK PROPERLY! ...LOL. 
When i tested it with the bird of prey, the same thing that happened in the film happened to me - all my systems got knocked out with one shot!
This has improved, sharper textures too and installs as a seperate ship.

Credits: P81 (Rick Knox) did the model and original textures, I just touched them up a bit (not in that way though)!!!!

Installation instructions:

Unzip the folder and paste it into your BC root directory. click 'Yes' to overwrite any files.  Then use the trusty BCMP to create the plugin. Sorted.

Problems & bugs?? Naaa

Thanks to & the BC community

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