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This is an idea I haven't thought of before. Basically its a bunch of hardpoints where subsystems have been sorted in order as well as giv...


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This is an idea I haven't thought of before. Basically its a bunch of hardpoints where subsystems have been sorted in order as well as given the same names to allow for easy alteration. So basically every ship has the hull first, shield generator second etc. They also have the same names so every shield generator is called the shield generator.

Look in the readme for a list of ships its compatible with.

The projectiles folder seems to contain a lot of weapons that aren't needed for this mod however (borg torpedoes, etc.)

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Download '' (343KB)

This package include an update for my last packages.
(but you can use it without the other ones, too)
All shiphardpoints are standardized, so changes are easisier. 
(for all people, who want make own shiphardpoints) 

So that it becomes not too unclear, this pack contains only important ship classes.
The other ships from hardpointpack22 came later, because I need lot of time for the changes/testings and I don't use the other ships at the moment.

All ships and projectiles are compatible with Shuttle Launching and advanced technologie pack and engineer extension.
All federation ships can launch shuttles, if you have the launching mod and carrier-files for these ships.

Some ship have new subsystems and weapons.
I have modified the damage display icons and weapon display icons for more overview.
All power per second are adjusted uniformly after strenght/charge rate of subsystem.
(for example: more shield charge rate, more power per second)
All warpcores adjusted after amount of all power per seconds of all subsystems.
(for example: if impulse 150; warp 20; weapons 500 and shield 100, 
then is the warpcore poweroutput between 800 and 850, 
so you can use all system at 100-110% with only the warpcore
If you need more power (110-125%) you must use the main battery or auxiliary power.)

All ship subsystems are sorted and standardized. (for easier alterations, for all modders)
The order of subsystems are 
(Some ships can deviate slightly)
Sensor Array 
Power Plant/Warpcore
Impuls Engines
Warp Engines 
Cloaking Device
Bridge (for all ships with Bridge subsystem in original configuration)
Puls Weapons
Shuttle Bay
Probe Launcher
Bridge (for all ships with new Bridge subsystem)
all other subsystems, for example all new subsystem, are at the end of hardpointfile list

official Star Trek Bridge Commander Patch 1.1
Foundation Plugin 20020530 or higher
all texture files from ships in the list 

This update-Pack include following ships:
venture class
type9 (shuttle)
steamrunner class
sovereign class
saber class
marquis raider
prometheus class
norway class
nebula class
intrepid class
galaxyx class
galaxy class
fighter (Peragrine)
drenet (Romulan Scout)
defiant class
danube class (MkII)
bugship (Dominion Attack Ship)
ambassador class
akira class
Make first a copy of the scripts folder.
If you don't have a Foundation Plugin, install a Foundation Plugin.
Then install the ships in the list. (all ships are available at
Copy these files and folders in Bridge Commander.

Some ships from can have other file names and folder names in "data\models\ships\" as in "scripts\ships\" declared. 
If a ship doesn't work you should change the file and folder names in the "scripts\ships\" script.

Here an instruction at an example for all people who don't know how what I mean:

1.For example your Breen ship doesn't work, then open Bridge Commander\scripts\ships\ and search
"data/Models/Ships/Breen/Breen.nif". (use the notepad.exe or other text editor)

2.Then you search in "Bridge Commander\data\models\" the breen ship folder (for example "breen\").

3.Then open "Bridge Commander\data\models\ships\breen\" and search all .nif files: "breen.nif", "breenhigh.nif" and so on. 

4.For example there is a "breenhigh.nif" but no "breen.nif", 
then change the line "data/Models/Ships/Breen/Breen.nif" in the Bridge Commander\scripts\ships\ 
to "data/Models/Ships/breen/breenhigh.nif" and test it.

You should change the ships step by step, if you don't want crash the game.
If a ship doesn't want to work or the game crash then delete all! corresponding files and send me a message.  

If you want use all torpedoes from hardpoints open "quickbattle\", 
search string 'if (iType >= 3):' (it must not be a 3 there!) and replace with 'if (iType >= 5):'

me (Markus Göpfert) 
I thank for the original files:
Harry A.
Sneaker 98
Erik Novales
Evan Birkby
Morpheus (
Gateway Scriptings
Cleeve (
Totally Games
and all other who I forget in this list

Sorry for my bad english (I use L%H Power Translator Pro 7.0)

If you want an information or you have a suggestion for improvement:
(If you speek german, please write the mail in german)

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