Star Trek Bridge Commander Remastered

Bridge Commander: Remastered creates a screen-accurate and canon compliant enhancement of Bridge Commander.


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Bridge Commander: Remastered creates a screen-accurate and canon compliant enhancement of Bridge Commander that greatly expands the combat options in Quick Battles while also allowing for the Single-Player story to still be fully playable.

All stock ships and bridges have been replaced with the most detailed versions available from our modding community. To accompany them, all ships have been given new custom and balanced hardpoints that makes every ship in the game feel 'realistic' to what is shown in the Star Trek series and movies.

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Download 'BC Remastered' (1.9GB)






-Fully playable and enhanced single player campaign.
-43 new ships form across Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, & the Star Trek TNG Movies.
-Top quality 3D models & textures for both new and stock ships.
-New and screen accurate weapon hardpoints for all ships and stations.
-Defiant, Excelsior, and Intrepid class playable bridges.
-New Galaxy & Sovereign class bridges.
-New Klingon, Romulan, & Cardassian background bridges.
-New sound and weapon effects.
-New combat regeions.
-1920x1080 widescreeen support.

New Features:
-Added Federation Luna Class
-Added Federation Constitution Class
-Added Federation Constitution Class Refit
-Buffed weaponry of Dominion Founder
-Buffed weaponry of Breen cruiser
-Upscaled intro and ending movies to 1080p @30fps
-Added proper damage icon mapping to all ships
-Removed over 200mb of unused files to reduce overall RAM usage

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed issue where starbase hitboxes were larger than the actual hull
-Fixed issue where numerous ships would not display their specular maps
-Reduced visual size of Vorcha & Neghvar's Ion Cannon projectile
-Added proper Master Systems Displays for USS Berkely & USS Geronimo
-Added proper lighting to Deep Space and QuickbattleRegion system maps
-Fixed balancing of Episode 3 Mission 2 by nerfing the Romulan attackers
-Corrected numerous ship description errors


1. Install the stock version of Bridge Commander either from your original disc or from the newly released GOG version.
2. If you use the GOG version, skip to step 4.
3. If you are using the original disc, Install the 1.1 patch available here:
4. Go to your Bridge Commander installation directory and DELETE the "data", "scripts", and "sfx" folders.
5. Copy the contents of the "Bridge_Commander_Remastered" zip folder into your Bridge Commander installation directory.
6. Run the game.
7. If your desktop supports 1920x1080 resolution, the game will start with that display setting automatically. If not, editing of "options.cfg" with Notepad++ is required to manually adjust the resolution to your preference. 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 are alternative supported resolutions.

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Comments on this File
10 months ago by Lysdestic

Am I correct in thinking this is not compatible with Kobayahsi Maru?

10 months ago by VonFrank42

No, this is a standalone mod pack. 

You can always add things on top of what this includes, but it will definitely conflict with a complex mod like KM.

10 months ago by Brunocsf

I believe this is the same mod VonFrank used on his BC playthrough some years ago, I think he made the mod, however it's quite nice it's now available on GameFront.

10 months ago by VonFrank42

Correct. This is the same mod, just a newer version of it.

The youtube playthrough I posted several years ago was V0.9 of the mod. 

10 months ago by Brunocsf

Ah, thank you for the quick awnser, I remember watching your playthrough, it was pretty fun to watch.

10 months ago by Travis John Richard

This mod looks good & plays nice, but it's missing the Elite Force bridge officers mod to give it a total polish it's needing. ALSO you can't change the resolution from 1920x1080. Any change in the options cfg file crashes the game.  would be nice to have full screen but any changes in the cfg file crashes the game.

9 months ago by IndominusBatesy

My laptop doesn't support 1920x1080 for Bridge Commander and any attempt to change the resolution, even to the 'supported' ones causes a crash as does trying to change it to fullscreen mode (all via the notepad++) making the mod unplayable. Is there a fix for this?

3 months ago by ARmqf

yeah the same thing happend to me and it won't let me change it back and when i deleted everything and reinstalled the game and the mod it still was crashing 

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