Star Trek: Eternity Preview



Here is a preview of a project by Cordanilus, this won't be a mod but will more likely be a bridge commander video called Star Trek Eternity. The video itself is very interesting although it does include the borg however i won't say much more other wise it would ruin the short preview.



Hi there.

This is a short preview of what's to come and is currently a solo project.
I do not have any voice actors so if anyone is Interested, my email is posted below.

This is my first major project so I am still on the learning curve.

I would like Star Trek to last forever and perhaps one day, fly amongst the stars.

It's compressed with the wmp9 codec.
All scenes are from Star Trek : Bridge Commander

"Pheonix Nebula" used with permission by the artist.  Please do not use without expressed permission.

From Cordanilus.
e-mail: cordanilus at hotmail dot com

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