Star Trek: Lexington Character Introduction Trailer



Here is the latest preview of Star Trek: Lexington. That is also featured on YouTube. This clip introduces you to the crew of the U.S.S. Lexington. This is leading up to their premiere episode "All In the Appearances". So, Keep an eye out. A action clip, with the crew and featured ships will be posted shortly...



Readme for "Character Introduction Trailer, AIA"

This trailer for the episode "All in the Appearances" has been released by the team at Star
Trek: Lexington.  This trailer has been released to the general public and is not-for-profit.
This trailer can not be distributed by any means without express written permission from the
Executive Producer ([email protected]).  No profits are to be made
from the distribution or exhibition of this trailer.  Star Trek is a trademark of CBS / 
Paramount Pictures.

This trailer premiered at OmegaCon on 15 March 2008 in Birmingham, Alabama. You can visit the
Lexington team on the web at http://www.starshiplexington.com.


Compositing: Ritch Bradford, Tom Scott
Editing: Ritch Bradford
Original Music: Mason Fisher

Here's the first trailer for the Lexington's pilot episode, "All in the Appearances".  This was premiered at OmegaCon on Saturday, 15 March 2008.  This version is the one seen at the convention.

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