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Here is an intresting mod pack from Cpt2xtreme. This pack contains the Nemesis Sovereign, Valdore, Scimitar and a retexture E Bridge. What's most notable about this mod is the refined and unusual hardpoints and canon weapons. From a "very realistic" Quantum Torpedo texture as seen in First Contact and Nemesis. To the oddly different Photon Torpedo that look like missiles.

Also the "sfx " made for the weapons brings a new depth to the game. The new "Red Alert " is nice, but could have been a little louder and longer in duration. So to all of you Nemesis fans out there. here is your chance to reinact the battle near the Romulan Neutral Zone between the Enterprise E, The Romulans and the Remans.

Definately Download Worthy!!



STAR TREK: NEMESIS ==================================


This pack contains the Enterprise E, Valdore and Scimitar.
My aim was to get the ship exactly as they were in the movie and I believe I have done this. I have spent 3-4 weeks on this and I think it payed off. A Texture pack will be released for the Bridge in a few weeks with Red Alert Lcars textures in it.


Hardpoint Building time:

7 days

Retexture time:

4 days

Sound Developement:

14 days


3 days



Enterprise E Model: Hawkeye
Enterprise E Textures: USS_Salem
Enterprise E Textures: C2X ( Used part of USS_Salem's retexture as a base line)
Nemesis Photon Torpedo: (USEA) Cpt.Oddessy
Nemesis Quantum Torpedo: C2X
Hardpoints: C2X 
Icons: C2X
Sounds: C2X
Testing: C2X


New Sounds:

Enterprise E: -

Different Phaser pitches like in the movie.
New Door sounds on the Bridge.
New Photon Torpedo Sounds
New Red Alert Sound (as seen in ST: First Contact, this even has the sound of the lights powering down)

Valdore: -

New Disruptors
New Torpedoes

Scimitar: -

New Disruptors


What does this overwrite?

  This mod will overwrite any ship called "Scimitar", "Valdore", or "Enterprise" that you may have installed. Your Sovereign Bridge textures will be new as well. PLEASE NOTE: - This mod will work better with your texture rez set to "HIGH" this is because the bridge is only compatable witht he setting set on HIGH.

it will also overwrite sounds, red alert, doors, and NemPhoton.


Installation: -

You MUST! have BCMI 3.1 or higher.


----- If I have missed anything in the credits, let me know. ------


Any Problems Please Feel free to contact [email protected]

[email protected]

Enjoy the mod

Cpt 2Xtreme

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