Star Trek: TNG 1_2 Season Uniform TC

This is a Total Conversion of all Starfleet Officers in the game. Lorik asked me to convert his remaning Uniforms into TC's, Here is a take...


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This is a Total Conversion of all Starfleet Officers in the game. Lorik asked me to convert his remaning Uniforms into TC's, Here is a take on his current release. This mod contains Head files changes to make it distinctive. For example the Romulan Sub-Commander Vlin was given the Romulan Head ridges. The crewmen are waring different uniform colors. The standard Command Red, Engineering Gold and Science Teal. Each will have different ranks.

The uniforms will show up as the bots do. Appearing randomly on the Bridge sets. Also I've added the Type II/ scant uniform, as seen in the first season. My aim was to give the game a more "canon" feel using the first season uniforms.

Since this is my mod, I'll let you rate it.

Enjoy, BlackRook32

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Download '' (30.09MB)

Star Trek: TNG 1st-2nd Season Uniform TC v.1.0


Modding Tool: Paint Shop Pro 7
Conversion Time: 92 Hours


This Uniform mod is based on the  1st and 2nd season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I've added some intresting additions to this mod. Each of the Crewmen Extras will have different color uniforms, each with thier own individual ranks. Also Head file changes were made to Brex (Vulcan), Saffi (Major Kira), Miguel (Graff), Romulan Sub-Commander Vlin(Given canon Romulan Head ridges), Cmdr Willis (Bajoran). Male Ensign's A and B (Bajoran), Female Ensign B (Bajoran).

The most noted feature in thei mod is the (Type II) Female Uniforms.  I just loved seeing those skirts in the show.  I've made a Red, Gold and Teal. Three having ranks and Three having none. I've also done the same with Male Uniforms. Making Crewman Uniforms and Uniforms with ranks. The scripts for the Type II Uniform mod in the main folder zip is called (Female Type II Uniforms).

Installation Instructions:


C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander
I'd suggest a "manual" installation of these files. Just cut and paste.


Base (STBC: TNG) Uniform Mod: Lorik

Base Type II Female Uniform: Original Texture by Admiral Tosh

Vulcan Engineer, Bajoran Crewman, Sub-Commander Vilin (Retexture), TNG Uniform (Retexture), Cmdr Willis, Crewmen (Bajoran Retexture), Saffi (Major Kira), Bridge /Character Scripting: BlackRook32

Mod Projects:

TNG 3rd-7th Season Uniform TC
Defiant Class Mod Pack
Nebula Class Mod Pack
Excelsior Class Mod Pack
Cmdr Willis XO Total Conversion Mod

*Special Thanks to Lorik and Admiral Tosh for allowing the use of thier textures. And to my beta testers MinoN,  Elminster and to anyone I missed. ;-)

Just crank up the game and Rock on!

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