Star Trek TOS Opening w/JJ-Prise



A recreation of the Original Series opening sequence using WileyCoyote's USS Enterprise (JJ-Prise). Created using GunCam and Windows Movie Maker. I apologize in advance for the jaggies and the skippy frame-rate, blame my integrated graphics card.



Star Trek TOS opening w/JJ-Prise
By Shadowknight1

This was a result of boredom and the curiosity to see if this would work out.  It actually did, to my surprise.  Simply, this is a recreation of the TOS opening with the JJ-Enterprise by WileyCoyote.  I decided to use the names of the cast of the new movie since this is their Enterprise, not Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley's.  Play this video with Windows Media Player or other program that can play WMVs.

Credits: JJ-Enterprise by WileyCoyote
	 Music by Alexander Courage
	 Narration by William Shatner, aka. The Shat

Star Trek, The USS Enterprise, and all other related items are copywright of Paramount Pictures.  No infringement is intended and this file is for non-profit entertainment use ONLY.

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