Star Wars Capitol Ships Fleet

Star Wars Fleet Capitol ships : by BLasToFF " my first ship related mod. I hope you all enjoy it."

the author felt that BC lacked ,in the...


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Star Wars Fleet Capitol ships : by BLasToFF " my first ship related mod. I hope you all enjoy it."

the author felt that BC lacked ,in the star wars section, Capitol ship mods.

unless I miscounted there are 19 ships in all.

there are some Recommended files, but they are not required -in the readme

Author says: this was Tested on KM: and it Works perfectly


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Download 'star_wars_fleet_mod.rar' (5.36MB)

Star Wars Fleet:

By: Mesh ~ Mesh the 2nd ~ Evtium (on the forums) ~ Quantus (on the forums) ~ Aqualus (on BCFiles) ~ And most recently: BLasToFF (on BCFiles)

Yes these are all one person, why do I have all these Alias'? Cause I forget my password all
the time and are too lazy to deal with my email. So yeah... lol. Just credit me as Mesh lol.

Requirements: 	1,1 Patch
Anything else: 	no.
Tested on KM: Works perfectly XD.

Recommended but not required:

Submenu v3+
Thunderchild's ShipPackA
Alexi's Super Star Destroyer

Install: 	Just extract to your Bridge Commander directory.
		And your done. BCMP is not needed.


Assault Frigate, Bulk Cruiser, Bulk Freighter, Carrack Cruiser,
Corellian Corvette, Corellian Gunship, Dreadnaught, Escort Carrier,
Interdictor SD, Lancer Frigate, Marauder Corvette, Mobquet Transport,
Mod" Corvette, Mod Nebulon B-2 Frigate, Modular Conveyor, Nebulon B Frigate,
Star Galleon, Strike Cruiser, Suprosa Transport, and the Xiytiar Transport.

I felt that BC lacked in the star wars section of Capitol ship mods. I
decided to remedy that. I'll release these ships as seperate mods if there
are requests for it. This is my second official mod, but my first ship
related mod. I hope you all enjoy it.

As of writing these ships do not have battle ready hardpoints. I am
releasing these bare bones ships in hopes that someone with better skill
might be able to hardpoint these models better then I ever could. I made
tactical icons for all these ships as well as custom scripts which
eliminates the need for BCMP.

This ship pack is meant as a healthy expansion to the current supply
of star wars ships at BCFiles. Which is why I intentionally neglacted
to exclude the ships that are already provided. Thunderchilds shippackA
includes a very nice collection of MonCalamari Cruisers and Star
Destroyers. BC Files also has Alexi's Super Star Destroyer.

Yes, I do notice that some models have sucky textures and are a bit
primitive of design. I converted these ships from X-Wing Alliance. As
such the quality of these ships aren't very high. I did not touch
these models at all other then rescaling them for BC. And let me tell
you, they are HUGE compared to the scaled BC nif models.

I also did not include starfighters in my mod. Unless someone made a
mod to make the camera move faster to track the fighter better, its
just pointless to have a starfighter in BC.

These ships are also orginized in nice SubMenus (MLeo, I love you man XD).

For modders:

I have included various sounds that you can use when you hardpoint the


Other then having no  that I know of...

Questions, comments, Suggestions? ... Complaints?

[email protected] (its also my msn)
quantus85 (AOL Instant Messenger)
Evtium (BCU\BCC forums)


Conversions: Mesh
Harpoints: <your name here>
Glows: <your name here>
Original Models: Totally Games

To the modder who makes HP's and glows for these ships:
You are free to mod and re-release these ships without asking me, all I
ask in return is that you credit me with the conversion. Thanks in advance XD.


The Bridge Commander Community (any of them): You guys are really
something. The Modders have taken BC and turned this great game
into truely one of the best star trek games I've ever played. I
keep comming back for more, and I'm never dissapointed. The
community itself has kept BC alive for such a long time. Modders
and supporters alike have transformed BC into a living entity
rather then just another video game.

MLEO: For your awesome and very useful Submenu Mod

Thunderchild: For giving me conversion advice, and
the inspiration that lead to this mod. Also for your
Star Destroyers and Mon Calmari Ships.

Alexi: For your Super Star Destroyer.

Totally Games: For giving us a great game. And for the XWA Models.

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