Starfield by Sandtrooper

A 1024x1024 denser starfield than the original one


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A 1024x1024 denser starfield than the original one

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SF StarField


By Sandtrooper


This High Resolution Starfield (1024 x 1024) is from one of my favorite games,
which is called "Stellar Frontier", some very good looking ships are from that game (not yet made into 3D models)


This is my second modification to Bridge Commander, I'm just a beginner at modding my game with the mods on it.



Just select the DATA folder with WinRAR (WinZIP doesn't do folders for some reason), and extract to BC Core Location!

I have put my install of BC's original stars.TGA on this ZIP/RAR File. (I think it's the stock one..)

If you don't like this one, rename Stars_Original.TGA to replace this one (OR use another stars.TGA and replace this one).



Might reduce performance, if your running a CG Sovereign or 2 (if ur comp can handle it!!), major lag/slowdown can occur.
Same applys to the super high texture ships out there that I cannot seem to name.


You can reach me (Sandtrooper) at:

D-S_Sandtrooper AT hotmail DOT com

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